7 Long-Distance Sex Toys of 2023 That Will Keep You Connected No Matter the Distance

The trend in recent years is long-distance sex toys. Here is an overview of some best long distance sex toys.

The best of them allow you to maintain a relationship very farNo one will notice that someone is playing with sex toys next to him Something long-distance sex toys enliven the relationship

1. Masturbator Max by Lovense

Use this device to melt in your heart ice. When there is no friend or girlfriend they came up with this brand. And so on… and you can be happy with it, wherever you need it [1].

Feelings are natural as if inserted you into anal. There’s an internal coating special. It makes sex game real.

The toy managed by a smartphone at a distance. Someone else can do this. Two toys will work together.

Why did I choose Max for sex?

I learned that this sex toy created back in 2011. The first toy for men was iMan. But they didn’t make a female device. As a result, iMan was not for sale. Well, could not she, so she couldn’t.

That was then

Max appeared in 2013 under the brand Lovense.

A housewife Carrie from New York stated that her husband thinks this toy is the best of all.

Max has improved

  • Hole widened
  • The sleeve made softer

  • There is an air valve
  • Improved partner movement sensor
  • The new program makes sex real.

Other opinions

Sex with such a good masturbator can become a habit. It will replace the natural holes of your friends. Your friends will resent you.

2. Nora bunny vibrators by Lovense

This device can establish a relationship with Max. So I chose him for the girlfriend.

You can adjust the level of vibration foot.

The necessary zones stimulated by innovative penetration.

The head rotates and stimulates the point G. You can adjust the speed:

  • High
  • Low
  • Average.

The smartphone app controls sex. Insert the hole in the smartphone is not necessary. You should give it to your boyfriend. Setting up a toy is simple:

  • Download the app
  • Tune
  • Enjoy.

What are the advantages of a vibrator?

The vibrator improves:

  • Added stimulating beads inside the device
  • Reduced motor noise
  • Vibrations are stronger
  • Rabbit foot has become more flexible
  • The new sensor allows you to track a partner’s movement.

How did we learn about the device?

The first vibrator created in 2009 by the team of Lovense. It was in the shape of an egg. It connected to the computer through the port USB.

The partner controlled the egg using Skype at distance, or it vibrated to the music. We paid attention to these toys already then.

The second device created in 2011. It was a pair with a male toy iMan. The prototype was made but did not sell. The third toy developed in 2013 under the brand name Lovense.

The opinion of opponents of Nora

  • Vigorous manipulation of the vibrator leads to the expansion of the hole.
  • Boyfriend may delegate the administration of their comrades.
  • The device may get stuck when the battery runs out.

It’s nonsense!

3. Vibrating massager Lyla 2 by Lelo

These long-distance sex toys intended for brave couples who want to enjoy each other even away.

This is the best remote at long distance control vibrator.

Than good device

  • Low noise.
  • Why does my girlfriend use this device?

The remote control at a long distance allows you to use a vibrator without hands. Movement of the faraway transmitted to the toy. This was done using a technology Sense Motion.

There are two modes Sense Motion:

In Sense Motion 1 mode, the tilt of the console controls the vibration.

In Sense Motion 2 modes, the movement of the console changes the vibration.

The remote can be turned off and pampered manually. To do this, press the button on the remote control for three seconds. This button can select six modes.


The toy is often too deeply thrust into the hole. As a result, it becomes impossible to extract it yourself. You have to invite a doctor to the game.

The anus is even more insidious. The surgeon comes into play.

4. Nova a stimulator by We-Vibe

Nova is a new super-double star stimulator. The vibrator combines the stimulation of point G and powerful vibration in the zone of the clitoris.

The unique design allows the leg to bend and stay in motion in contact with the clitoris during sex.

Why my girlfriend chose this vibrator for sex?

Nova vibrated more than any other double stimulator. The control system is simple. It allows you to surrender to their feelings during sex. Vibration intensity could be increased or decreased.

Vibrations in the area of the clitoris and spots G the strongest. Modes can be customized as you like. There are 10 preset modes:

  • Vibrate mode
  • Pulse mode
  • Wave mode

  • Echo mode
  • Tide mode
  • Crest mode
  • Bounce mode

  • Surf mode
  • Peak mode
  • Cha-Cha-Cha mode.

That’s what my girlfriend advised her friend for sex?

Get more is possible with the application on your smartphone. You have to download a free We-Connect app. On the touch screen, you have to set the vibration intensity. Custom settings will save.

Establish relationships with your boyfriend and you would get sex from somewhere at long distance.

The device has two independent motors. It charges through the port USB.

Critic’s opinion

The device barrel is too thin. The feeling of fullness does not occur. Some consider the pink color of the toy to be ugly.

The vibrator comes with a hideous silk bag. It should be cotton only. Too many buttons. They are difficult to understand. They do not have blockers. The device can be turned on randomly in your pocket or suitcase.

5. Masturbator Onyx2 by Kiiroo

I found a great way to get interactive sex. Onyx2 makes 140 clicks per minute.

Why did I like this masturbator for sex?

The motor runs almost and does not distract from the process. I like watching live webcams. Virtual reality impresses me.

The masturbator can be connected to any interactive content or used in manual mode.

Feedback from other users

Get ready for a new wave of interactive pleasures!

Watch your back! It will drive you crazy!

Most customers believe that Onyx2 is the best. It is the flagship model KIIROO. Onyx2 can establish relationships with each other by company devices at long distances.

The opinion of those who are not satisfied

Small time without recharging. The battery provides continuous operation for an hour. It is too cramped for me.

Porn collection ends in a week. The app requires constant updates.

It is too tight for the penis. The toy is very noisy.

Cum fails without porn.

I did not like squeezing. I love going here and there.

6. Vibrator G-Spot KIIROO Pearl2

Pearl2 is as gentle as a lamb vibrator. It is as meek as a lamb when it caresses your G-spot. This long-distance sex toys.

Features of the vibrator Pearl2

Three authorized applications for iPhone and Android designed for the device:

  • FeelConnect
  • FeelPerformer
  • Feel VR

There are several operating modes:

  • Feel Your Love.
  • Feel Video.

  • Feel Virtual Reality. You have to use Pearl2 with VR and VR Porn virtual reality glasses. Adult video in 180 and 360-degrees with 3D stereoscopic views.
  • Feel Webcam Models. Through the website, you get access to the webcams of our partners. Give partners control of your vibrator. You will feel every movement of the model.

To change the mode, press the multi-function button.

Here’s how my girlfriend responds about the device?

Get the better of your pleasure. Feel yourself as a duck takes to water and feel the soft vibes teasing you senseless.

Be always with your loved joined at the hip. Enjoy with your loved one in the same breath. You don’t need to move a muscle for sex.

It doesn’t matter how far away your loved one is. You will feel everything as if you were sitting back-to-back.

Synchronize the toys with any interactive erotic content. Set this up in conjunction with your boyfriend’s device.

Another opinion

No foot to caress the clitoris. It cannot be used as a clitoral vibrator. Uncomfortable to press the button. The battery runs out of power too. Device is not long enough. There is no realism since there are no men with shaking and vibrating penises.

7. Remote control vibrator Vibease by Vibease

Especially liked my girlfriend a device Vibease new generation. It is the world’s first wearable vibrator massager.

The vibrator is small and has an original design that allows you to attach it to your pants [2].

It has no problem using it anywhere:

  • In the restaurant
  • In the cafe
  • in the theater
  • On work.

She runs a toy smartphone app. She gave me access to her app, and we’re always online. I call her at any time. It fixes the narrow tip of the device at the entrance to the vagina.

About the device

Before use, the vibrator must be washed with clean soap and water.


  • Press the “Vibration” button to switch between 5 vibration modes. This feature is not available when the vibrator connected to the app or while charging.

  • To turn off the Vibease massager, press and hold the power button for two seconds.

Opinion of opponents

The material clings to all the dust. Cannot keep the device on the shag covers.

The device is too short. It cannot reach to the point G.

On the most capacity of the surrounding hear a noise. The vibrator can turn on itself:

  • At the meeting
  • During the negotiations
  • In line to the doctor.


1. Treatment of female sexual disorders

2. Vibrators and other sex toys are commonly recommended to patients, but does size matter? Dimensions of commonly sold products


What to consider when using a long-distance sex toy

1. Will the toy be used on the genitals?

No, the use of long-distance sex toys should not be restricted to the genitals. While it is important to exercise caution when it comes to selecting a body-safe material and ensuring the toy is secure and not vulnerable to breaches, there is no reason to limit their use to only the genital area. In fact, as long as the toy is body-safe and secure, it can be used on any part of the body – not just the genitals – to provide pleasure.

For example, wearable toys like clit stimulators can be used not only to enhance pleasure during penetrative sex but also to give pleasure to other erogenous zones, such as the nipples and inner thighs. Similarly, vibrators can be used on any area of the body to stimulate the nerve endings, providing a unique sensation for both partners. The toys can even be used for massage purposes, if desired.

In addition, there is no reason to be restricted to using the toy for one type of activity. People can experiment with different positions, different speeds, and different pressure points in order to find out what works best for them. Ultimately, the use of long-distance sex toys is only limited by the user’s imagination, so there is no reason to restrict its use to just the genitals.

2. What kind of stimulation is provided?

The Max 2 provides powerful clitoral, vaginal, and G-Spot stimulation, with adjustable vibration and contraction levels. On top of that, you can control the intensity and mode of vibrations, such as low, medium, high, pulse, wave, fireworks, and earthquake, by using the buttons on the Max 2 or through the Lovense Remote app. The Esca 2 by OhMiBod also offers 10 vibration modes, as well as the ability to create a custom playlist to sync the device to your music. Both devices are great options for couples looking to share the pleasure, as they can be used during penetrative sex to stimulate both the G-Spot and clitoris with equal intensity.

3. Is the toy easy to use?

Yes, the Lovense Lush 3 is very easy to use. The intuitive in-app control panel makes it simple to customize the vibrations and control the toy from a distance. The app is widely available on different platforms, so you can use it on the go, and the magnetic charger provides a straightforward charging process. Additionally, the toy’s external “tail” keeps it anchored in place, so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost or uncomfortable.

4. Does the toy have a good connection?

Yes, it’s important to make sure that the sex toy you purchase will be able to connect to each other properly. This means researching the specs of the toy to ensure compatibility as well as looking into the software the company uses. The SVAKOM Connecxion Series is a great example of a toy that offers good connection capabilities, with an LED indicator that lights up the tip of the tail and 11 vibe frequencies that can be controlled remotely with the SVAKOM app. Additionally, security is another important factor to consider when setting up a teledildonic connection, so be sure to read up on the security and encryption functions of the accompanying apps before making a purchase.

5. Is the toy affordable?

The We-Vibe Moxie Wearable Vibrator is a great option for long-distance relationship play. It’s made from body-safe silicone and features an app control feature, up to 5 vibration patterns, and is 100% hands-free wearable. It’s priced at $129, making it quite affordable when compared to MysteryVibe’s super-flexible vibrator which is priced at $249.

6. Does the toy have good reviews?

Yes, it is important to read reviews on sex toys to make sure they are of high quality, safe, and effective. It is also important to research the company that manufactures the sex toy to ensure they are providing secure encryption functions to protect customers’ privacy. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the sex toys you are considering are compatible and able to connect with each other. It is also helpful to read reviews to ensure the toy is suitable for your needs, such as if it is large or small, or if it is designed for anal play or not.

7. Does the toy have a long battery life?

Yes, the Lovense Lush 3 has an impressive battery lifespan, allowing you to enjoy up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge. The Lovense Domi 2 also has a 3-5 hour battery life, which is three times longer than other sex toys.

8. Is the toy easy to clean?

Yes, the toy is easy to clean. Before and after use it is important to follow key points such as ensuring toys are clean before use, using anti-bacterial wipes and gentle, anti-bacterial soap to sanitize them and rinsing thoroughly after every use. Different materials require different cleaning methods, such as using water-based lubricants on silicone toys and oil-based lubricants on anal toys. Additionally, some sex toy companies offer special sex toy cleaners to keep playthings safe and sanitary.

9. Does the toy come with instructions?

Yes, if you buy from a reputable company, they will include cleaning guides with their products or online. Additionally, the product info section will have detailed instructions for using the toy, as well as manuals that are downloadable on each item’s page. Most manufacturers also provide online resources and toll-free numbers should any hiccups occur. Moreover, the app itself will provide detailed instructions for pairing the toy with the smartphone.

10. Do you and your partner agree on using the toy?

Yes, both partners need to agree on using the sex toy. Before purchasing any app-enabled toy, both partners should make sure that their smartphones have Bluetooth, that the software and operating system are compatible, and that they are both comfortable with the app and the style of play. Both partners should also download the same app and check the product information to make sure the toy is compatible with the app. Once the toy has been purchased, both partners should be on the same page and communicate openly about using the toy.

The best long distance sex toys for couples

1. We-Vibe Bond

The We-Vibe Bond is a vibrating silicone cock ring that couples can use for long-distance sex play. It can be controlled through the We-Connect app, which allows partners to connect and control each other’s toys, even when they’re far apart. Additionally, a remote control is included for solo or in-person play. The Bond is designed to be comfortable and discreet, with a smooth silicone that won’t cause strain even after hours of wear and play. There are ten vibration modes that can be used to customize the experience, and the toy is waterproof and can last up to two hours on a single charge. With its versatility, comfort, and discreet design, the We-Vibe Bond is the perfect toy for couples who want to enjoy long-distance sex play.

2. Lovense Diamo

The Lovense Diamo is a great long distance sex toy for couples because it offers adjustable controls via its Lovense remote app, versatile customization, waterproof feature, sound level control, and a long battery life of up to 3 hours. It also has a comfortable silicone ring that is body-safe and can give you harder, longer-lasting erections. Furthermore, couples can sync the Diamo with their favorite music, which makes it a great toy for couples to use for both close-range and long-distance control.

3. Kiiroo Pearl 2

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 is the perfect long distance sex toy for couples due to its cutting-edge technology and powerful features. It has two vibration modes – a buzzy tip for external stimulation and deep, rumbling g-spot vibrations – that can be adjusted using the Kiiroo FeelConnect app. This app also allows for an interactive experience by syncing the toy to erotic videos, music, and even VR games for an incredibly immersive solo session. Additionally, the app enables couples to sync their Kiiroo toys to their partner’s toys, allowing them to control the speed and rhythm of their partner’s toy while they enjoy the sensations no matter how far apart they are. Furthermore, the Pearl 2 is equipped with a subtle curve that fits the body and three levels of vibrations that provide intense, deep, and filling pleasure. Plus, it has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to an hour on a full charge, making it perfect for short-but-satisfying sessions. All in all, the Kiiroo Pearl 2 is an excellent long distance sex toy for couples that offers an unparalleled interactive experience.

4. We-Vibe Melt

The We-Vibe Melt is an ideal long distance sex toy for couples because of its combination of air pulse technology, app-control, slim design, and body-safe silicone material. Its air pulse technology creates unique pulsations to stimulate blood flow to exactly where you want it, mimicking the feeling of oral sex and leading to multiple near-instant orgasms. The We-Vibe Melt also has a slim shape that is great for couples use during in-person sex and its quiet vibrations and waterproof body-safe silicone make it perfect for solo play as well. Additionally, it can be controlled via the We-Connect app from anywhere in the world, giving couples the ability to customize the intensity and to create their own unique pulsations. Furthermore, its low price and fast USB charging make it a great option for couples who are looking for a high-quality, long distance sex toy.

5. LOVENSE Lush 3

The Lovense Lush 3 is the perfect long distance sex toy for couples due to its innovative design, powerful and rumbly vibrations, and advanced features. Its wearable, wireless and comfortable design make it comfortable to wear while its curved shape is engineered to hit your G-spot with powerful vibrations. Its 5-hour battery life allows couples to enjoy up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge and its decently sized and made of ultra-smooth silicone insertable vibrating egg and external fixed tail keeps it firmly in place on your G-spot. The Lovense Remote app for Android, iOS, Macs, and PC allows your partner to control your pleasure with multiple devices and it can sync to music and audio books for rhythmic vibrations and you can even create custom vibration patterns for a one-of-a-kind experience. So, with its array of features, the Lovense Lush 3 is an ideal long distance sex toy for couples.

6. Svakom Ella Neo

The Svakom Ella Neo is an excellent long distance sex toy for couples because of its easy accessibility and control options. With its Bluetooth connection, your partner can control the bullet from anywhere, allowing for creative teasing and increased intimacy even when you’re not in the same room. The app allows for even more control, with a touchscreen that lets you make your own custom patterns, plus you can adjust the speed levels and intensity. Additionally, the bullet is small and comfortable to insert, perfect for G-spot or clitoral stimulation. It is also waterproof, making it even more versatile. With its unique features, the Svakom Ella Neo is the perfect toy to spice up your long distance relationship.

7. Satisfyer Curvy 3

The Satisfyer Curvy 3+ is an excellent long-distance sex toy for couples because it offers intense clitoral stimulation through powerful suction and vibration, with 11 different vibration patterns and 11 intensities that can be controlled through the Satisfyer Connect app. The intuitive app also features built-in video call and encrypted messaging functionalities, allowing couples to keep in touch regardless of the distance between them. The ergonomic shape of the toy makes it easy to use and the quiet motors allow for discreet public play. Additionally, the toy is waterproof and rechargeable, ensuring that couples can enjoy its powerful and pleasurable sensations for a long time. All of these features make the Satisfyer Curvy 3+ a great choice for couples looking to amp up their long-distance sex life.

8. Lovense Vector

The Lovense Vector is a great long distance sex toy for couples due to its adjustable design, powerful motors, and ability to be controlled via the We-Connect app. The head and neck can be adjusted to ensure optimal comfort and insertion, while the base applies pressure to the perineum for extra stimulation. Additionally, it has ten vibration settings for users to explore, ranging from low to intense. The We-Connect app makes it easy for couples to stay connected, regardless of the distance by allowing partners to control the vibrations from afar. The Vector is a great pick for couples looking for a discreet and enjoyable way to spice up their sex life.

9. Satisfyer Double Wand-er

The Satisfyer Double Wand-er is an ideal long distance sex toy for couples due to its versatility, power, and compatibility with the Satisfyer Connect app. It comes with two interchangeable heads that provide different sensations, making it perfect for those who want to explore different forms of pleasure. The classic round massage head is great for relieving tension, while the attachment for stimulating erogenous zones is perfect for achieving explosive orgasms. The wand is also powerful and has a strong motor, giving it the ability to reach deep and make you shake with pleasure. Finally, the Connect app allows couples to connect and experience pleasure even when they are apart. All these features make the Satisfyer Double Wand-er a great toy for couples looking to take their long distance relationship to the next level.

11. We-Vibe Nova 2

The We-Vibe Nova 2 is a great long distance sex toy for couples, as it offers maximum pleasure with its dual-motor design, giving you simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Additionally, the flexible arms of the Nova 2 are designed to fit your unique body shape, and the powerful dual motors provide strong vibrations, allowing you to customize your experience. Moreover, the app allows your partner to control your pleasure from anywhere, and the reaction buttons let your partner know how they’re doing. Finally, the Nova 2 is rechargeable, waterproof, and comes with a travel lock to ensure it won’t turn on in your luggage, making it perfect for long-distance couples.

12. Satisfyer Chubby

The Satisfyer Chubby is a great long distance sex toy for couples as it offers powerful air pulse stimulation and intense vibration for a truly satisfying experience. Its ergonomic shape and waterproof design make it easy to hold and use in the shower, while its whisper-quiet motors provide discreet public play. Additionally, it can be connected to the Satisfyer Connect app, allowing couples to sync it with their favorite playlist, adjust the 11 different vibration patterns and 11 intensities, and even take control of their partner’s toy from a distance. The app also comes with built-in video call and encrypted messaging functionalities, allowing couples to enjoy an intimate experience even when they’re apart. All in all, the Satisfyer Chubby is a great long distance sex toy for couples, allowing them to stay connected and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

13. OhMiBod Fuse

The OhMiBod Fuse is a great long-distance sex toy for couples because it is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing two-way communication between both partners. This allows either partner to drive the action, while the built-in sensor technology allows for bi-directional control. Additionally, the Fuse is made with two motors, providing intense sensations, and has a touch-sensitive mode that only vibrates when it comes in contact with your skin. The Fuse is also compatible with the Kiiroo Keon stroker and other interactive Kiiroo devices, and is USB rechargeable and comes with a one-year warranty card. With all of these features and benefits, the OhMiBod Fuse is an excellent long-distance sex toy for couples who want to spice up their relationship from anywhere.

14. We-Vibe Melt

The We-Vibe Melt is an ideal long distance sex toy for couples because of its slim shape, quiet vibrations, and waterproof body-safe silicone. It also has the added bonus of connecting to the We-Connect app, which allows users to control the toy from anywhere in the world. With 12 different settings to choose from, couples can customize the intensity to suit their individual needs. The unique pleasure air technology provides a sensation that mimics oral sex, and it’s so quiet that it won’t be heard by anyone else. Plus, its small size makes it easy for couples to use during in-person sex. All of these features make the We-Vibe Melt a great option for couples looking to stay connected from afar.

15. Lovense Hush 2

The Lovense Hush 2 is an excellent long-distance sex toy for couples due to its variety of sizes, powerful vibrations, waterproof material, and the ability to be controlled via Bluetooth or WiFi from any distance. It’s a great option for both beginners and experienced anal players alike, with 8 pre-set vibration patterns and unlimited customizable modes. Plus, its long battery life and discreet design make it perfect for public play. The Hush 2 also has a pointy neck which makes insertion and removal easier, even after long hours of play. All these features make the Lovense Hush 2 an ideal long-distance sex toy for couples.

16. OhMiBod Lumen

The OhMiBod Lumen is an excellent long distance sex toy for couples due to its many features that provide endless pleasure regardless of physical distance. This vibrator is Bluetooth and WiFi enabled, allowing couples to control the device from any location. Additionally, the Lumen can be synced to other Kiiroo products to create a truly interactive experience. Moreover, it has four pulse sensations that can be programmed manually for custom vibration patterns, as well as a deep insertable shaft that ensures full pleasure. As a result, the Lumen is an innovative and sophisticated vibrator that is great for couples who want to explore and enjoy pleasure from a distance.

17. SVAKOM Phoenix Neo

The SVAKOM Phoenix Neo is a great long-distance sex toy for couples due to its numerous features. It is a luxurious-looking silicone vibrating bullet that can be enjoyed solo or with a partner, and it has an app that allows for full control of the device. Through this app, your partner can control the ten vibration patterns, speed levels, and intensity, as well as create their own custom teasing pattern. Additionally, the device is compact and can be easily controlled via a smartphone, making it easy to use even while in a different location. Furthermore, the bullet has a button that is easy to access during use, is made of good quality soft material, and can be inserted to stimulate the G-spot or used directly on the clitoris. All of these features make the SVAKOM Phoenix Neo an ideal long-distance sex toy for couples.

18. We-Vibe Chorus

The We-Vibe Chorus is a great long distance sex toy for couples as it provides simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation and can be controlled via a wireless remote or the We-Connect app. This makes it a great toy for both solo and partner use, allowing couples to experience pleasure even when separated. The Chorus comes with three speeds and seven vibration patterns, as well as two adjustment points which make it an amazing fit for most anatomies. Furthermore, it has a unique Pleasure Air Technology, 12 intensity levels, and a Smart Silence feature that makes the toy only turn on when it detects contact with skin. This ensures that both partners have a safe and comfortable experience when trying it out.


What are the best long-distance sex toys?

What are the best long-distance sex toys? With the growing popularity of teledildonics, it’s no surprise that many couples are turning to sextech products to maintain their intimacy. With this in mind, we’ve taken the time to evaluate and compare the 5+ best long-distance sex toys currently on the market. The Satisfyer Curvy 3 is a great budget choice that provides clit suction and can be controlled remotely. The Lovense Lush 3 is our overall best pick thanks to its powerful vibrations, waterproof design, and versatile app. If you’re looking for something more realistic, the Keon & Pearl 2 set offers virtual sex that’s as close to the real thing as possible. Other great toys include the Lovense Nora, Vibease, Lovense Domi 2 Wand Vibrator, Kiiroo Onyx & Fuse Couples Set, LoveHoney App-Controlled Knicker Vibrator, WeVibe Moxie, and the LoveHoney App-Controlled Prostate Vibrator. With the right toy, you and your partner can reach out and touch each other from anywhere on the planet.

How do long-distance sex toys work?

Long-distance sex toys are a great way to spice up a long-distance relationship and maintain intimacy even when partners are apart. They are made specifically for this purpose and utilize Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to provide the user the ability to control their partner’s toy. These toys are connected to a smartphone, tablet, or PC via an interactive app, and haptic feedback allows the user to control the vibrations or pulsations of the toy.

Once the toy is paired with the device, the user can easily adjust the intensity and rhythm of the vibrations and send them to their partner. This allows partners to have a real-life sexual experience without being in the same room. In order to use long-distance sex toys, both partners need a phone or tablet, a Wi-Fi connection, and the app. With the help of technology, these toys can help partners feel close and connected even when they are apart.

What are the advantages of using long-distance sex toys?

Long-distance sex toys, or teledildonics, offer a variety of advantages for couples who are separated geographically. First, they can provide a feeling of closeness and emotional connection in an otherwise separated relationship. Second, they provide an element of surprise, as the partner controlling the toy can turn the knob up or down and surprise the partner on the other end. Third, they allow a partner to provide pleasure to their distant partner in ways that no human body can or has the stamina for, leading to intense orgasms. Fourth, they can help keep a long-distance relationship spicy, as one partner can control the other’s pleasure even when they are miles apart. Finally, they come with a free app, so you can get started right away without needing to purchase any additional software. All of these advantages can help couples in long-distance relationships keep their relationship alive, even when they can’t physically be together.

What types of stimulation do long-distance sex toys provide?

Long-distance sex toys provide a variety of stimulation depending on the type of toy. Some toys offer vibrations, pulsations, and haptic feedback, while others can be controlled remotely to provide unexpected surprises. Vibrations can range from low intensity to high intensity and some are even capable of syncing to music or other sound. Pulsations provide a rhythmic sensation, while haptic feedback allows the user to feel the movements of their partner even when they’re not physically present. Some toys may even be able to simulate different sex positions. All of these features allow users to stimulate each other no matter how far apart they are.

What are the features of the best long-distance sex toys?

The best long-distance sex toys ought to have a few key features that make them stand out from the rest. These include: size, shape, features, required equipment, materials, and manufacturer.

Size is important when it comes to sex toys; it’s the difference between comfortable to use and difficult to maneuver. Choose a size that works with your anatomy so that you and your partner can enjoy the experience. The shape of the toy should also be taken into consideration. Different shapes are better for different types of sex, like curved devices for internal stimulation and straight toys for external pleasure.

Features also play a role in selecting the perfect long-distance sex toy. Look out for features like Bluetooth compatibility, virtual reality capabilities, smart phone apps, wireless remote controls and Sync-based technologies. Additionally, be sure to check out the button control quality and placement, the settings ranges, and device ergonomics.

Required equipment often plays a role when it comes to interactive, long-distance sex toys. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment like an internet connection, a data plan, or an online content club membership.

Materials are just as important as shape, size, and features. Look out for skin-safe, lube-friendly materials like silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), stainless-steel, glass or a patented blend.

Lastly, the manufacturer can determine if you can pull off the fantasy you have in mind. Brands like Fleshlight, Kiiroo, Lelo and We-Vibe have taken integration to new heights, with a whole host of couples-friendly toys that are interchangeable with one another and powerful across time zones.

Are long-distance sex toys safe to use?

Are long-distance sex toys safe to use? [Argumentation]

The short answer is yes, long-distance sex toys are safe to use. However, it’s important to remember that these toys come with the same safety considerations as their regular sex toy counterparts. It is highly recommended to buy sex toys made from the best and safest materials, as there is always the risk of toxic shock or allergic reactions from the cheap or poorly made variety. Investing in high-quality and well-made long-distance sex toys may be more expensive, but it is worth it for the peace of mind and safety it provides. Additionally, many long-distance sex toys come with safety features such as automatic shut-off to prevent overheating, and are made from medical-grade materials that are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and body-safe.

What are the cons of using long-distance sex toys?

The cons of using long-distance sex toys include the lack of physical connection and the inability to enjoy the physical sensations of sex with your partner. Additionally, some people may find it difficult to connect on an emotional level when engaging in long-distance sex. Furthermore, the cost of purchasing teledildonic toys can be quite expensive, and some models can be unreliable or have limited features. Finally, using long-distance sex toys may take some time to get used to, and it can be difficult to troubleshoot technical issues.

How do you connect long-distance sex toys?

How do you connect long-distance sex toys? [Step-by-step instructions]

Long-distance sex toys are designed to provide a unique and intimate experience for couples who might be far apart. These toys generally work through interactive apps that allow for remote control. Here is a step-by-step guide for connecting your long-distance sex toy:

  1. Download the app that corresponds with your sex toy. Most manufacturers have a dedicated app for their products – make sure to download the correct app.
  2. If the app requires you to create an account, do so. This will allow you to save settings and preferences for future use.
  3. Connect your toy to your device. This is done either through a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, depending on the type of toy you have.
  4. Once connected, your device should recognize the toy. The app should now be able to control the settings and experience of your toy.
  5. If you’re trying to connect with a partner’s toy, you’ll need to give them access. This can be done through the app with an invite code.
  6. Once both parties have access to the app, you can begin sharing the experience with your partner. Enjoy!

By following these steps, you will be able to connect your long-distance sex toy and share an intimate experience with your partner, even from a distance.

What are the best apps for controlling long-distance sex toys?

Finding the best app for controlling long-distance sex toys can be a challenge, but understanding the features and evaluating the different ones available can make the process a lot easier. To help you decide, here is a comparison of some of the top apps for long-distance sex toys, along with a brief evaluation of each.

The We-Vibe App is one of the most popular apps for controlling long-distance sex toys. It allows you to control your partner’s toy via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and create custom vibration patterns to tease, please and surprise your partner. You can even connect two We-Vibe toys together and sync them with music.

The Kiiroo app is one of the best apps for long-distance sex toys. It has an interactive mode which allows you to sync your toy with your partner’s and feel each other’s rhythms. It also helps you create your own unique pleasure patterns.

The Lovense app is another great option for long-distance sex toys. It allows you to pair two of the same toy and sync them up with the same app, making it suitable for gay and lesbian couples. It also allows you to control your partner’s toy from anywhere in the world with just your phone or tablet.

Finally, the Lush 3 app is ideal for those who want to be able to let their partner take control. This app allows you to sync your toy to music that your partner controls, allowing them to take over and give you a thrill.

Overall, all of these apps have their own features and benefits. However, the We-Vibe App and the Kiiroo app offer the most comprehensive features and are the best overall options for those looking to explore long-distance sex play.

What are some of the most popular long-distance sex toys? [Expanded list]

The Lovense Lush 3 is the best overall sex toy for long distance couples, offering a wearable, powerful and waterproof design with a long battery life and quiet motor. The OhMiBod Esca 2 is a camgirl’s favorite and offers an app-controlled panty vibe. For a rabbit-style toy, the Lovense Nora is a great option. The Vibease offers powerful clitoral stimulation, while the Lovense Domi 2 Wand Vibrator is perfect for couples looking for simultaneous pleasure. The Kiiroo Onyx & Fuse Couple Set is a great option for orgasm in sync with your partner. For public fun, the LoveHoney App-Controlled Knicker Vibrator is a discreet option. The WeVibe Moxie is a great panty vibe, while the LoveHoney App-Controlled Prostate Vibrator is a great option for internal stimulation for men. Finally, the We-Vibe Jive is a hands-free clitoris fun toy that you can control from anywhere on the planet.


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