5 Reasons to Try the Gay Fleshjack of 2023: A Guide to the Ultimate Male Pleasure Toy

The Fleshlight brand cares equally well for all of its customers. It doesn’t matter whether you like women or men, classic or anal sex.

Designers are developing new sleeve models that will satisfy all the guys.

The brand management understands that the beautiful appearance of masturbation sex toys is just as important as the effective internal stimulation of the cock.

Fleshjack sex toys are dedicated to all anal sex fansThis is the perfect Fleshlight collection for guys who are gay or bisexual You can try Fleshjack just out of curiosity or to understand whether you need a partner of the same gender

1. Classic Bottom Jack

The Fleshjack series is dedicated to hot and sexy porn actors.

All of them created their image in gay films. The Fleshjack toys are made from the same super-soft, patented Fleshlight material as the Girls series.

Fleshjack products are packaged in standard Fleshlight enclosures, although they can also be used separately. All that distinguishes the Fleshjack series is its focus on guys prone to bold experiments!

Product Description

The Fleshlight Fleshjack Series is the first sex toy product line designed specifically for gay men. The classic version of JACK is a toy with a simulated anal entrance and a smooth inner sleeve. This is the perfect Fleshjack for beginners as well as for compassionate guys.

If you have a sensitive cock, the ribbed channel texture will be too stiff for you.

Such masturbation can end in a few seconds! Therefore, it is best to start with the classic sleek Fleshjack.

  • The super soft and smooth patented Fleshlight material cannot be distinguished by touch from real human skin.
  • Using a water-based lubricant, you will get the feeling of masturbation that is comparable to real sex.
  • The collection of Fleshjack toys will be suitable for a gay, bisexual or any male who likes experimenting with anal sex. 
  • Since the sleeve has no intricate texture which may retain lube remains, the smooth channel is easy to clean after use. Moreover, the sleeve dries rapidly after washing. 
  • For best sex toys, you can wash the Fleshlight Fleshjack with regular soap and warm water or use a branded cleaner. 
  • It can be used many times and washed many times before it starts wearing out just to remain as soft and supple as on the day it was bought.
  • We searched for shortcomings with this Fleshlight Fleshjack for a long time but did not find it.

Buyer Feedback

I love the smooth texture of Fleshlight. They are quite stimulating, but not too much. This is important to me, as I have a very sensitive skin cock. The classic Fleshjack is a combination of perfect design and a tight but delicate sleeve.

Also, I have no problem cleaning the sleeve. If you are as sensitive as I do not like too stimulating masturbation but love anal design, then Fleshjack will be the highlight of your collection!

2. Colby Keller Combo

If you want to enjoy the double pleasure of masturbation, you need to use two sex toys.

Fleshlight Fleshjack takes this simple logic into account and offers a super anal set for fun experimenters.

Sleeve Texture

The first chamber begins immediately after a narrow entrance and gradually expands. While you are in this chamber, you are stimulated by perpendicularly arranged medium-sized ribs. The second camera is slightly more full.

It has the same diameter and is dotted with identical flat tubercles arranged in a checkerboard pattern.

The third chamber is a fairly wide ring with round processes inward.

The fourth camera will meet you with several rings located one after another.


  • The dildo from the Fleshlight Fleshjack kit is perfectly shaped to suit all your fantasies.
  • The super realistic design of both toys will make you worry even more.

What do you get in the kit?

This Fleshlight Fleshjack Kit consists of:

  • It has an anal opening with bushings and exciting ribbed internal texture. 
  • There is a rounded dildo with balls for improved P-spot stimulation. 
  • The ideal Fleshlight brand lubricant, which is optimally suited to the Fleshjack series.


  • With Fleshlight sex toys, Fleshjack, like their other sleeves, can only be used with water-based lubricants. All other lubes can damage the texture of delicate brand material.

User review

This Fleshlight Fleshjack set has become an adornment of my collection of sex toys. I read a review of one famous actor before buying. And I am delighted that I decided to order my personal Fleshlight Fleshjack. I used these items together or in turn, depending on my mood.

The sleeve is very textured, so you have to wash it very carefully. But the material is so soft that it cannot be distinguished from real skin. I advise all the guys; it doesn’t matter if they consider themselves gay or straight to try this Fleshlight Fleshjack.

3. Quick Warm-Up Pack

The Fleshjack series includes not only sex toys but also accessories for them.

To make the sleeve material feel even more realistic, it can be heated to the temperature of the human body.

The Fleshlight brand has taken care of this opportunity.

  • The heater quickly brings the sleeve to the temperature of the human body and cannot make it too hot.
  • The included sleeve is the shortest of all Fleshlight collections and it does not deliver complete immersion. 
  • The heater is designed only to heat the short sleeve.

Buyer Feedback

This kit is all you need if you decide to have fun. Too bad this heater is too short for full-size Fleshjack toys.

4. Johnny Rapid Combo

The Fleshlight brand in the production of this Fleshjack toy was inspired by the personality of a popular adult actor.

Fans of his work quickly appreciated the set. Now it’s your turn to experiment!

  • The kit has a full-size bottle of an ideal lubricant.
  • Cleaning the ribs of the sleeve after use is a challenge. 
  • Only water-based lubricants can be used with the sleeve and dildo material.

User review

This set is all you need for gay fun. If you like super active stimulation or want to train your stamina, I highly recommend this Fleshjack sleeve.

5. Shower Quickie Pack

This shower adapter allows you to use your favorite brand mini-hub, increasing its size with an extra nozzle.

  • The delicate Fleshlight material works great in any situation, even under running water.
  • The adapter is suitable only for the small Quickshot Vantage sleeve. This device cannot be used with classic toys from the Fleshjack series. 
  • The soft material only works with water-based lubes. 
  • Quickie Pack is not exactly big, so if you’re especially large, it might not fit all the way inside.

Buyer Feedback

This set has changed my attitude towards swimming! Now I can stay out of the shower for hours!

The Fleshlight sleeves that you use without the help of your hands make me finish even faster.


We hope you enjoyed our review of the Fleshjack series.

These masturbators blend perfectly with the classic Fleshlight housing. Therefore, you can use the Fleshjack and Girls models in turn at your discretion.

It was also mentioned to you about other accessories that will help to extend your enjoyment! We’ve performed our work; now it’s your turn.


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