5 Reasons to Invest in a Silicone Sex Doll: A Guide to the Best Lifelike Models of 2023

Sex has never been so accessible as nowadays. Even if you don’t have a regular partner, a TPE or a silicone sex doll can help you out. These are small or real-sized sex toys serving as flawless options for enjoyable penetrative sex. Of course, they lack emotional aspects, but physiologically they are greatly advanced comparing to the ugly inflatables of the past.

A sex doll is a firm and long-lasting imitation of a real woman with a metal skeleton and additional options depending on the model. They can move and stay fixed in certain sex positions while you enjoy the show.

We hope our review will come in handy for the newbies in the sex doll industry.

A sex doll can be a premium, high-quality model with interchangeable parts that you can order additionallyThere are sex dolls with movable and non-movable joints They can have a different number of sex holes (some of the models are not suitable for oral sex)

What’s the TOP 5 List of Silicone Sex Doll Models in 2021?

We base our reviews on the relevant technical sex doll characteristics of the manufacturers, as well as on the reviews of the customers. Customer opinion helped us learn about the pros and cons of each sex doll model we present here.

1. Heather Silicone Sex Doll Review

The manufacturer offers the following optional add-ons: a storage hook set and a flight case (for discreet traveling with the sex doll).

You can choose between standing and non-standing feet depending on the sex position preferences.

General Sex Doll Characteristics

  • 4 skin tone options: tanned, medium, fair, and white;
  • 11 hairstyle options;
  • 7 eye color options: blue cat, green cat, blue, purple, forest green, green, and brown;
  • 8 nail color options: clear, pink, red, light pink, black, green, dark red, and dark pink;
  • 5 toenail color options: clear, pink, light pink, bright red, and red;

  • 3 nipple sizes available: 3cm, 5cm, and 7cm;
  • 3 nipple color types available: pink, light pink, and dark pink;
  • 4 vagina types with light, medium, heavy hair, or bald;
  • The vagina can be either built-in or insertable for easier maintenance and cleaning;
  • There’s an optional add-on for the shoulders so that you could move and fix them if you like;
  • There’s an optional fake penis insertable, which can either be 6 in or 7.5 in.

Measurements & More

  • Legs – 37 in;
  • Arms – 25.19 in;
  • Shoulders – 12.59 in;
  • Weight – 74.9 lbs;
  • Height – 5 ft 3 in;
  • Vagina – 7.1 in;
  • Anal hole – 5.9 in;
  • Oral hole – 5.1 in;
  • The material is realistic silicone and metal for the skeleton.

Heather Sex Doll: Pros & Cons


  • The customization is incredible – you won’t have trouble constructing a sex partner to your liking;
  • The construction of the skeleton is very sturdy and long-lasting;
  • The doll is not too heavy for its realistic height;
  • The bust is so true-to-life (especially a hollow option), you won’t manage to get enough of it.


  • Maintenance with a built-in vagina is harder than with the insertable one – most customers strongly advise choosing a removable vagina option in addition to the basic set.

2. Keisha Silicone Sex Doll Review

The customization of Keisha sex doll is common to Heather sex doll: 4 skin tones, 11 hairstyles, 7 eye colors, 8 nail colors, 5 toenail colors, two breast options (hollow and solid), 3 nipple sizes and colors, and 4 vagina types.

Choose a removable vagina option for effortless cleaning and hygienic procedures of your sex girl.

General Sex Doll Characteristics

  • Pick a standing feet option if you prefer standing sex;
  • Two insertable penis options are also available – 6 in and 7.5 in;
  • Order a storage hook set for vertical storage and don’t forget about an additional case for the flights if you’re planning to travel with a Keisha sex doll.

Measurements & More

  • Bra – E-cup;
  • Arms – 25.19 in;
  • Shoulders – 12.59 in;
  • Weight – 74.9 lbs;
  • Height – 5 ft 3 in;
  • Vagina – 7.1 in;
  • Anal hole – 5.9 in;
  • Oral hole – 5.1 in;
  • The material is life-like, top-quality silicone, and sturdy metal for the skeleton.

Keisha Sex Doll: Pros & Cons


  • Cool customization, which is the same with the majority of SinoDoll sex doll models;
  • The height is suitable for the majority of men, as well as the weight;
  • Exceptional true-to-life girl body and appearance, combined with the skin-like premium quality material make Keisha sex doll an irreplaceable sex toy for single men and couples;
  • Women are especially fond of the large penis insert – a third sex partner turned out to be adorable for both men and women.


  • Keeping it hygienically clean can be a trouble, especially if you order an in-built vagina – you’ll also have to invest in additional sex toy cleaning products.

3. Elodie Silicone Sex Doll Review

Elodie silicone sex doll is made up of the same materials and offers the same customization options as Keisha and Heather sex dolls.

Genera Sex Doll l Characteristics

  • There’s an optional detachable hook for vertical storage so that your sex doll could hang safely in your closet;
  • There’s also an optional flight case that you can use not only for convenient storage but for discreet traveling.

Measurements & More

  • Bra – I-cup;
  • Legs – 31.8 in;
  • Arms – 25.1 in;
  • Shoulders – 13.3 in;
  • Weight – 70.5 lbs;
  • Height – 5 ft 1 in;
  • Vagina – 6.7 in;
  • Anal hole – 5.5 in;
  • Oral hole – 4.7 in;
  • The materials are metal for the skeleton and high-grade silicone for the realistic skin.

Elodie Sex Doll: Pros & Cons


  • The sex doll customization is among the best in the market;
  • The height is convenient for the storage even if you’re planning to hang the doll in your closet;
  • Huge tits are soft and incredible for unconventional sex;
  • All holes feel pleasant to the touch from the inside.


  • The height is not enough for big men – 5 ft 1 in is not realistic for the majority of men;
  • It’s hard to choose the best clothes for Elodie sex doll because of her non-standard bust parameters;
  • The maintenance is tricky if you don’t choose a detachable vagina option.

4. Katya Silicone Sex Doll Review

The Katya sex doll does not come with clothes – the one you see in the pictures is for photo purposes only.

General Sex Doll Characteristics

  • 2 vagina options – built-in and removable (for easier maintenance);
  • Bald vagina or with pubic hair;
  • Standard feet or additional standing feet option for standing sex;
  • Only anal or vaginal sex is possible;
  • Optional hard storage case;
  • You can’t change anything in the appearance of Katya silicone sex doll – you’ll get exactly the one you see in the photos;
  • International shipping is free;
  • You’ll have to wait for about three weeks for delivery.

Measurements & More

  • Cup – E-cup;
  • Waist – 24 in;
  • Hips – 35.5 in;
  • Anal hole – 6.7 in;
  • There’s no built-in mouth hole;
  • The skeleton is made of steel with movable joints;
  • The head is very realistic with beautiful facial features.

Katya Sex Doll: Pros & Cons


  • Katya sex doll looks exactly like the pictures;
  • Model-like face features – Katya sex doll is very charming;
  • The sex doll has a very realistic height, which is suitable for the majority of tall men.


  • Lack of customization options in comparison to the previous sex doll models;
  • There’s no oral sex option as there’s no hole in the silicone head;
  • The doll is pretty heavy.

5. Goldie Silicone Sex Doll Review

The steel skeleton is firm and has movable joints for enjoyable sex in all sex positions.

General Sex Doll Characteristics

  • 3 hair color options – blonde, brown, and black;
  • 3 eye color options – blue, green, and brown;
  • Three holes for all sex options;
  • Oriental features make Goldie sex doll especially charming;
  • Free shipping internationally;
  • 2 weeks for delivery right from the manufacturer;
  • It’s a discreetly packed sex toy – your relatives and neighbors will never know the details of your delivery.

Measurements & More

  • Hips – 34 in;
  • Vagina – 8 in;
  • Anal hole – 6.7 in;
  • Oral hole – 4.1 in;
  • It’s made of steel and high-grade silicone.

Goldie Sex Doll: Pros & Cons


  • Minimum customization options make the appearance of this sex doll more appealing;
  • The appearance of Goldie sex doll is mixed – she’s half Thai and half American;
  • Three sex options are possible, which is very convenient for the price;
  • The height is comfortable for sex even if you’re a tall man;
  • It’s one of the best premium sex doll options for the money.


  • Lack of customization options is irritating for the majority of the customers – they do love the sex toy but they wish there were a shaved vagina option;
  • The joints feel a little stiff for the first sex session, but they are getting more flexible and stable with time.

Choosing the Best Sex Doll in 2021: Bottom Line

How to Choose a Sex Doll?

  • Start with the choice of the material. It can be cheaper TPE or more expensive high-grade silicone imitating realistic body surface. Of course, everything depends on the budget, but sex with a silicone sex doll will be more enjoyable. However, this material needs proper maintenance and a wise choice of cleaning solutions for sex toys. Even the best sex toys need regular cleaning, regardless of how much you pay.
  • Pay attention to the construction of the skeleton. The most expensive sex dolls are manufactured on the base of a steel skeleton with movable joints so that you could fix your toy in all sex positions you might want.

  • Don’t ignore the standing feet option for the sex doll. It’s not available for half of sex doll models, but if you prefer standing sex, you’ll never regret investing in this option.
  • Your sex doll will be flawless with customization. What can be better than having sex with a woman you’ve always been willing to have?
  • Sex is safe for your health, but you’ll suffer from hygienic issues if you don’t take preliminary measures. Many sex dolls come with an insertable vagina. According to the feedback of the customers, it’s one of the coolest offers. You merely take the vagina out after having sex and wash it out in soapy water. Just let it dry and insert it back for hygienically safer sex.

What Is the Optimal Sex Doll Budget?

A TPE cheap sex doll can cost you less than 2000 dollars. However, we strongly recommend buying a more expensive model.

A pricier sex doll like this will last longer and won’t make you face complex maintenance after sex. It will have stronger and more flexible joints for all sex positions.

Besides, a pricier sex doll has a choice of replaceable heads. You’ll have a chance to have sex with a new woman every day. Additionally, premium sex dolls offer incredible customization, so that you create your dream sex partner in no time. Just allow a couple of weeks for delivery and enjoy your sex toy whenever you might get horny.

Which Is the Most Suitable Model?

Sex doll models can vary in many aspects:

  • They can be mini, small, and large;
  • A sex doll can be fully or partially assembled;
  • A sex doll can be voiced.

What About the Measurements of the Sex Doll?

You’ll have no trouble finding a sex doll of the desired size. A standard sex doll starts from 4.5 ft and finishes at about 5.5 ft.

There are taller sex girl models, but you should understand that a sex doll taller than 5.5 ft. will weigh like a real girl. A tall and heavy sex doll can turn out to be tricky for storage and maintenance. Nevertheless, having sex with a life-like copy of a woman is almost the same as having sex with your partner.

Is Sex Doll Customization Important?

It depends on what you find aesthetically pleasant for sex. A sex doll is a partial real girl replacement. It can be a girl torso if you don’t mind the face.

A sex doll can also be without legs if you are not interested in doggy-style sex position or standing sex. A torso sex doll is extremely cheap comparing to the life-like sex doll model.

A top-quality customized sex doll will be one of your best purchases. It will be a high-quality sex product that you can use for years, and it will never get you bored, because each hair strand, eye color, and even the breast shape will entirely meet your sex toy doll expectations.

If you fancy cheaper sex toys, learn more about Fleshlights, masturbations sleeves, and other sex toys that will not cost you a fortune. A quality sex doll is responsible investment.

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