5 Must-Have Chinese Dildos of 2023 to Spice Up Your Sex Life!

Do you like to experiment and experience new sensations? Today’s selection of toys will not leave you, indifferent!

Realistic and not very chin dildo will create a spectacular note of dominance in your bedroom. Our rating includes the accessory models for beginner experimenters and experienced players.

Any toy from the list has an excellent design, is easy to clean, and takes into account the anatomical features of each person. Allow you and your partner double or even triple pleasure! After all, your hands will be freed for some more essential actions! Getting started with our chin dildo guide.

You can play smoothly or hard, and your chin dildo will remain in placeAccessory can be detached from the belt for more natural cleaning The extended base is ideally suited for wearing a harness if you want to try this model with a partner

1. Zado Leather Mouth Gag 5.5 Inch Dildo Harness

This double-sided toy in a super realistic shape will please both partners at the same time.

The long outer tip is medium in size and smoothes in shape to penetrate anywhere.

  • The toy’s design is very stylish. It makes a dominant effect by combining black chin dildo and black leather harness with metal rivets. It’s the perfect accessory for people who are into BDSM.


  • The accessory is securely held in the belt by means of strong chrome rivets.


  • A soft and ultra-modern latex material is used for the chin dildo, while genuine leather is used for the belt.
  • We searched for cons in this chin dildo for a long time but did not find any.


  • We searched for cons in this chin dildo for a long time but did not find any.

Buyer Feedback

This is the perfect toy for advanced users. I love domination, so I usually put this chin dildo on my partner. Although sometimes we can trade places. If you do not like the taste of rubber, then at first, it is better to use flavored lubricants.

Then the latex becomes neutral. I really like that chin dildo can be unfastened from the belt and cleaned easily and quickly. No special tools are needed. There is enough warm water with soap to wash. I also like that this dildo is straightforward. And it is very realistic, except for black. This toy is one of my best purchases in recent times.

2. The Accommodator

The design of this chin dildo leaves the lips and language of the user open for all-round pleasures.

Use this toy for an oral caress or when you are tired!

This way will make your partner’s pleasure continuous.

  • It can be rubbed comfortably and softly on the chin mount without interfering with movement.


  • Chin dildos are generally average in length and size, making them suitable for most people.


  • The design is realistic because it imitates all the pores, veins, and the head of the penis.
  • You will not be able to adjust the length of the chin dildo straps, as they have a fixed size.


  • You will not be able to adjust the length of the chin dildo straps, as they have a fixed size.

User review

I got this accessory a few weeks ago, and it immediately became my favorite toy. At first, it was a little unusual to use it. But the problem was not that he was uncomfortable.

I was a little shy of my appearance and how it looks in general. But when I saw the delight in the eyes of my girlfriend, I immediately stopped worrying about this. We also really like the likely veins and the head of the member of this shameless.

3. Bondage Boutique Large Silicone Ball Gag with Dildo

Do you often use silicone strapon for your face? Beginners rarely get such an idea. But we know that if you like domination games, you will definitely enjoy it.

A round gag for the subordinate and a ribbed silicone member for the dominant partner will make both trembles with delight.

The gadget has a non-natural design, repeating the anatomical shape of a cock.

  • The dong is made of the purest medical silicone, which 100% guarantees the absence of allergic reactions even for the most sensitive users.
  • The black leather belt around the head is adjustable to different sizes.
  • A round silicone gag will drown out the groans, but will not create discomfort to the person who wears it.
  • Silicone cocks are strictly for use with water-based lubes only.


  • The attached part cannot be separated from the system, hence it is hard to wash the product.

Buyer Feedback

For beginners, this is an unusual gadget. At first, the jaw gets very tired and starts to salivate due to gag. But over time, you get used to it.

The outer tip is in perfect shape for both my partner and me. We are not an ordinary BDSM couple, because we often change places. In any case, this thing has taken its rightful place in our collection.


Have you ever heard of a lifetime warranty on intimate products? The VIXEN brand provides such a guarantee on most of its products.

Super realistic silicone dick with a solid base will serve you for many years. You can use it as actively as possible and not be afraid that the rod will bend or deform.

This is the smallest instance in the entire series. This option is ideal for beginners, as well as for anal penetration. Proper bending will gently stimulate your G-spot and P-spot.

  • Ultra, high-quality medical silicone is absolutely safe even for sensitive skin. The product can be cleaned with soap and water or boiled.
  • The original design will appeal to lovers of erotic entertainment.
  • Silicone sex toys can only be used with water-based gels.


  • Does not include a harness.


  • This device is specifically designed for manual use because the base lacks a suction cup.

User Review

This is the second instance of the VIXEN brand in my collection. I adore their high quality. Silicone is very durable and very flexible. It seems that inside the barrel, there is a more solid base, which sets the shape.

While the outer layer is very soft and similar to real skin. There are no pores or deep bends on the surface that make cleaning difficult. This model deserves 5 points out of 5.

5. Tantus Medium Silicone Dildo Gag

Are domination games your passion? You should definitely try this specific gag option. The design was developed in the style of BDSM for a complete immersion in the appropriate atmosphere.

The gag tip follows the shape of a cock, not a regular ball. This gives an additional severity of emotions.

High-quality premium silicone has no pores on the surface, but at the same time, it is delicate and similar to real skin. The product is straightforward to wash, dry, and can be stored anywhere without fear of damage. The strap is adjustable in length for any volume of the head and is fastened with Velcro so that users do not mess around with clasps.

  • For greater comfort in cleaning, the accessory has an easily detachable leather strap.


  • In the BDSM culture, the black color of both the gag and strap along with metal rivets is very stylish.


  • The silicone used is of high quality – odorless and tasteless.
  • Silicone sex gadgets are compatible only with water-based lubricants.
  • Velcro to adjust the size over time becomes weaker.
  • The inside of the gag may seem too long or bulky for beginners. You have to get used to it.

Buyer Feedback

If you like robust dominance, then this is the perfect option! In addition to the gag, my girlfriend and I got velcro-stuck hair. But this moment successfully fits into our script.

The first 2-3 times because of the habit, her jaw hurt. But with practice, we were able to increase the wearing time to 30 minutes. I really like the design. It looks much more exciting than regular balls.


We hope you enjoyed our review of the best chin dildo models in 2020. If you still have questions, feel free to ask our team of specialists. We wish you a pleasant shopping and even more enjoyable experiments!


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