Fleshlight Quickshot Review

Fleshlights are recognized for their self-pleasuring sleeves with truth-like design and incredible internal textures.

But full-sized Fleshlights a little cumbersome: it is not always easy to keep them unnoticed if necessary. In this case, smaller Fleshlight products, like Quickshot, helps.

Fleshlight Quickshot looks more like a barrel-shaped cup. The elegant case equipped with two removable tops to keep the masturbator clean. The sleeve itself fixed with a ring. It’s both orifices that can be used for penetration.

This makes them perfect for those who need something nearly imperceptible to use for stress-reduction during travel or something like that.

Besides, Quickshot is easier in aftercare and brings you high-level orgasmic feelings. So, it is a full-fledged self-pleasuring instrument, rather than a baby bro for full-sized artificial vaginas.

One of the best and most popular ones is a masturbation sleeve or pocket pussySome of them created not only for solo play but also worked very well together with a partner The best example is Quickshot - with its awesome inner relief, it can not only a spice but take your intimate life

1. Quickshot: Pulse

Puls is good, not only for storage or hiding. It means that you have a lot of variates of using it besides routine masturbating.

You can rotate it around your shaft to reach an unprecedented culmination. This toy is marvelous for foreplay: arouse yourself and your partner by teasing and playing with the tip. A Quickshot will help to spice the blowjob with acute stimulating sensations feelings.

Advantages and drawbacks

The first thing that catches your eye in Puls is a crystal clear sleeve. This is, of course, a matter of taste, but many gays like to watch the movements of their own dick. But the main asset of Fleshlight Quickshot lies in the internal structure of the sleeve.

It expands, giving your tip a little more space, then contracts again. Actually, that’s why the toy got its name.

Textures are made in such a way that makes your dick seem to pulsate in a whirlwind of pleasure until it explodes with a flash of bright, sensual pleasure. At the same time, the textures do not have steep twists to stir up just what you need. Therefore, the Pulse is ideal for beginners.

Review of pros

The purchase will come in a sealed package with no identification or logo, so nobody will guess what it is.

After receiving, you can assess the benefits:

  • you can use toys both in solo or couple game;
  • the sleeve is flexible so even after regular and heavy use it will no become loose;
  • Quickshot is easy to clean toys after you finish;
  • Fleshlight is waterproof.

Review of cons

If you like to feel the tight girth on your dick, this toy will not be a problem. Be careful when removing the housing ring; the material is durable but still can be torn with rough handling or intensive thrusting movements.


Amazing, amazing, amazing. After a few full-size fleshlights, I needed a compact thing to break the tension on business trips.

And guess what – I fell in love with it so now I use it as the main piece for self-satisfaction. I can’t even imagine bedroom games without this pulsation, especially since my partner really likes it too.

2. Quickshot: Vantage

Quickshot Vantage has two orifices, so it can be used both for solo play and for two partners at once.

The most amazing is the combination of Vantage and blowjob. This is just an incredible pleasure. Voluptuous ribs glide over the surface of your shaft, and a moist tongue gently caresses its tip. But it is not the only way of using it.

If your partner is male, try to penetrate the toy from both sides simultaneously.

Advantages and drawbacks

Fleshlight equipped with two screw caps for convenient handling. They allow you to keep the sleeve clean and ready for use immediately when you want it. The internal texture of Vantage has a particular structure.

It is spiced with twisted ribs so that your tip and then the shaft will undergo a whole attraction of unprecedented stimulation.

I cannot fail to mention that it feels just awesome. Another piquant advantage of these toys is the completely transparent material of the sleeve and case of Vantage. Thanks to this, you see how the helmet passes through all these obstacles, and it is even more exciting, especially when using Vantage with a partner.

Review of pros

Fleshlight Vantage size is enough to take in an average-sized and even over-sized penis. Also, it is elastic and flexible not to become loose after hard use.

The main advantages of toys are:

  • body-safe and silky material that feels like real flesh;
  • thoughtful designed inner texture for extra orgasmic feelings;
  • the process of aftercare became easier;
  • Fleshlight can be used in different ways in solo masturbation or together with the partner.

Review of cons

This Fleshlight seems to be perfect, but still has some shortcomings:

  • both open ends deprive you feeling of internal culmination in a solo game;
  • you need to remember about open-end while shooting no to splash cum everywhere around;
  • Fleshlight Vantage is not for the newcomers.


I’ve been work up the courage to present my special one with Fleshlight Vantage. My main aim was to eject routine out of our bedroom. In spite of this, I received a new honeymoon that has been going on for half of the year.

This feels really incredible, but now we are ready to acquire another one for a change.

3. Quickshot: Boost

The innovative open-type masturbator Quickshot Boost is perfect both for solo self-pleasuring and for couple sex or blowjob to give it extra excites.

It will bring you the uncontrollable pleasure that cannot be reached with your hand – all thanks to the internal texture of the sleeve.

Advantages and drawbacks

Open-ended item offers you a lot of possibilities of using. Another helping hand in it is the unique material of Fleshlight Qickshot. It is soft and imitates the skin structure as accurately as possible. If using with warming accessories, it is easy to imagine a real hot pussy.

The internal structure merits a review in its own right. It is a combination of a Puls and Vantage. It is a lot more efficient, I must say.

Extending and clamping down surface provides you with bumping feelings, and curved ribs drove the orgasmic sensations to inconceivable limits. And after you think that it couldn’t be better, your tip runs into smooth bulges.

Review of pros

The main punch line of this Fleshlight is that you can get a different kind of stimulation penetrating it from different orifices. Assimetrical internal textures allow you to get that variability for the lower price.

Fleshlight advantages:

  • Quickshot can be used for single and couple games;
  • realistic feeling thanks to special material;
  • the thoughtful internal structure that gives an unforgettable orgasmic experience.

Review of cons

In our review, we will not forget to mention some of the cons of this Fleshlight:

  • many users are confused by the color – if you are not a fan of science fiction, a steel masturbation device seems strange;
  • there is no feeling of internal culmination;
  • Quickshot in spite of full-sized Fleshlight can’t stimulate both shaft and tip at the same time;
  • with this Fleshlight, only water-based lubricants can be used;
  • the internal structure is quite intense, so this can shock beginners;
  • you need to use a special cleanser and antibacterial agents for the treatment of the sleeve.


I probably would never have decided to buy this Quickshot, but my friends present it to me. Well, the sensations of masturbation are really incredible. The sleeve tightly wrapped around my penis, and the stimulation was simply crazy, so strong that for the first time, I could not restrain myself and finished after a couple of movements.

But I can’t get used to color, I prefer natural flesh one, and with this device, I can’t get rid of the feeling that I’m penetrating a robot.

From year to year, the market for male toys is growing and developing more and more, thanks in large part to the Fleshlights.

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