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The interactive sex toy is an exciting and unusual way to improve sexual life.

Most of the producers make a lot for women’s pleasure, but when you try to find a high-tech device for men, you can’t find anything.

So in this review, we gathered the best interactive sex toys for men and women both. Also, we made a rating and compared all models, so you can read this and pick your own best sex toy ever.

This interactive sex devices is made of soft silicone. It is safe and feels very comfortableIt is the perfect sex devices for discreet public play The rabbit vibrator is a perfect choice if you want to get stimulation on the clitoris and G-spot both

1. Autoblow Al

This interactive sex toy for men provides real-feel blowjob, and you have not got to use your hands or spend time on anything.

Just put it on your penis and feel incredible pleasure.


  • This is one of the most high-tech toys. The producer used the top abilities of the technique to make it the best interactive sex device in this review about the tech;
  • There are ten patterns of the move. Each of them is overthought and provides maximum pleasure. Do you like slow or fast stimulation? Do you need some stimulation on the glans or near the body? This device will give you a pleasant choice and a chance to try each pattern;

  • If you have a big cock and you had never tried the deep throat, this is a nice chance to do. This interactive toy will give unusual stimulation on each inch of your penis and has no emetic reflex;
  • It is easily washable. Just take the sleeve out and use some water and soft soap. Don’t forget to let it dry and wash after each usage;

  • Artificial intelligence can make your play more interesting. You don’t know what will it do, but can be sure that you will get great pleasure;
  • You can see the charging level and charge it if it’s needed. So you won’t get in a situation when you are ready to get an orgasm, and the toy just leaves you with your erection.


  • It is bulky a bit. The big size makes it not the best interactive sex device for a journey, and if you have to hide it, you’ll need to imagine a fantastic way.
  • It’s not waterproof. You have to take the sleeve out to wash it and have to use something dry or wet towel wipes to wash the other part.

2. Esthesia

This interactive sex toy for women gives maximum stimulation to all-important dots.

Just try it to get a realistic feel.

  • This device is compatible with the Vibease on the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. You can adjust it by your smartphone or let your partner rule the play from any place in the world. And this app is free;
  • The material is easy to clean. And the waterproofness makes washing the easiest thing in the world;
  • This toy is rechargeable, and you get 2 hours of pleasure after 1 hour of charging.
  • The handle is made of the silicone too, so if your hands are covered in the lube, pushing the buttons to switch a pattern can turn in a true quest.
  • It is not compatible with the Windows Phone and Blackberry.
  • The buttons are made of silicone, and it is not so comfortable to switch the modes.
  • There are only five patterns of the vibration if you have not got a smartphone compatible with the app.

3. Lush 2

This small but powerful vibrator provides incredible feelings.

High-tech interactive sex toy Lush makes your cheeks blush after the hundreds of orgasms.

  • Lush 2 has a bigger motor than Lush 1 that provides much more vibration and pleasure. Also, the vibration got more powerful;
  • You get 3 hours of continuous work after one full charge that is enough to use the device until you get your orgasm;
  • This device is completely waterproof; you can use it in the bath or shower and wash without troubles.
  • You don’t get enough clitoral stimulation with this device.
  • The app is not compatible with all smartphones; check this on the cite of the producer.
  • Women with weak vaginal muscles can get in an uncomfortable situation in a public play.
  • Some sources prevent us from using Lovense production because they can collect your private data. One review told that some toys even record the sounds.
  • If the accumulator charges out, the device starts to work very weirdly. One review told how the toy gave maximum power without any reason.

4. Max 2

This male masturbator is one of the best interactive toys in the world.

It gives you all in one moment.

  • The sleeve provides a powerful and comfortable feel during all the play; it’s realistic and easy to wash;
  • There is a vibrator in this device, and it’s very powerful. Ordinary producers don’t use vibration in men’s masturbators, but here you get as much pleasure as women do;
  • You can pick a vagina-imitating sleeve for the additional payment. The original sleeve has not such a realistic look;
  • You can rule it by the app, synchronize with other sex-toys from Lovense or VR.
  • There are not so many patterns of stimulation.
  • It’s very costly; the price feels too big to even for all the pros.
  • It is not waterproof at all.
  • The design is not sexy at all.
  • You have to masturbate by your hands; it doesn’t give you orgasm by itself.
  • The size is not so universal.

5. Womanizer Classic

This is the legend among the women’s vibrators.

Unique technology and a great look gave it lots of delights.

  • This interactive sex device has very comfortable buttons. Even if your fingers are covered in the lube you can use it comfortably;
  • This sex device has one of the most powerful accumulators. Till 4 hours of the work;
  • It is one of the quietest toys in the world.
  • Magnetic contact pin USB is not so comfortable. It is not universal.
  • The material of the most part of the toy is ABS plastic; it’s not so pleasant.
  • It is heavy, a bit.
  • It’s bulky.
  • It is noisy enough.
  • This toy can be too powerful for sensitive women.
  • Uncomfortable lying in hand is not such a big con just for the devices with less cost.

6. Quickshot Launch Vantage Pack from Fleshlight

One of the greatest interactive sex toys for men are here to give you orgasm.

Fleshlight, the great master of the men’s orgasms, made one more great device.

  • The process is completely automatic; you have not got to do something, just put it on and enjoy;
  • The Fleshlight sleeves are the best.
  • You don’t get the sleeve in the pack, only the device. If you are not so attentive, you can get a big fail here.
  • The device is not waterproof at all.
  • It is very bulky.
  • The design is not so sexy.
  • The charging wire is easy to break.
  • There are only four patterns for speed and length of the move.
  • Men with not so good hand muscles will understand that a handjob is much easier.
  • There is no app or anything for interactive play.

7. Ivy from Svakom

Egg vibrator is one of the most universal and simple choices to satisfy all the wishes.
  • The remote is very comfortable and looks ordinary enough. So your discreet public play will be truly discreet and safe.
  • The vibration could be more powerful.
  • It is not so good in G-spot stimulation.
  • The size is not enough for a perfect feeling.
  • There is no fixation, so it can slip away if you use it in a discreet public play.
  • The remote provides only 10 meters for control.
  • There are only three buttons, so the adjusting is not so comfortable.
  • The buttons are set in the silicone, and it makes the switching without the remote uncomfortable.
  • It is too light for deep vibration.

Now you know everything about interactive sex toys.

This review gives enough information to choose the most pleasant device for you. It is easy to pick one or two for you and your partner.

So what are you waiting for?

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