5 Onahole Toys of 2024 That Will Take Your Pleasure to the Next Level

It is a lot of artificial vaginas in the male masturbator’s land.

The most famous device designed to imitate a girl’s sex organ is Fleshlight, but some time ago, it got some competition represented by Onahole.

It may seem that this Japanese sex toy is one of the replicas, but it is much more. This Onahole is designed to create the sensation of sexual intercourse.

#Top OnaholeBenefits
Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu

  • The sleeve, where the penis can be inserted, has a realistic look at the model's pussy and a closed-end
  • It designed in a special dual-layer way
  • The outside part is soft and skin-like, and the inner one is harder for more stimulation
La Bocca Della Verita

  • A stinger for your stimulation is an entry into the throat, as it is tight and ribbed and resilient, so you need to extend it with your flesh
  • Then you will be met by different textures, which will increase your excitement while it will be spiked with a tight and stimulative end part
  • Try to snuggle your penis to it to feel how orgasmic sploosh expands into it
EXE Julia +

  • You can enjoy with contemplation and touching of graceful belly and ample bosom
  • Onahole's shape is an exact copy of AV actress Julia
  • It is made from body-safe and skin-like material
Pipedream Peek-A-Boo Lips Stroker

  • Grooves and ridges for field stimulation can give you the best feeling of gliding between snug lips of young seductress
  • The gentle and soft material of the outer part allows you to grip the masturbator in a proper way and to control the level of pressure on your shaft
  • The internal material is tight
Thrust Pro Elite Alana

  • It is double-layer, so the internal side is more durable for intensive stimulation
  • Vagina length is over 7.5 inches and extends so that it will fit even large-sized men
  • Two holes for different kinds of stimulation
It made in a special way to stimulate both shaft and tip and give you all fullness of the inside shotAdd to that body-like design, and you'll have the masturbator of your dreams The Onaholes can be more expensive than usual pocket pussy, but it's worth it

It’s inner part not rather than just simulate a vagina, but equipped with bumps and ribs that increase stimulation. Onahole can give you a terrific erotic stimulation and bring you to the height of excitement for extraordinary orgasmic feelings.

1. Meiki no Syoumei 05 Zhang Xiao Yu

Meiki no Syoumei is one of the best and one of the most realistic sex toys from the as known producer as NPG.

This hottest Onahole based on an enticing and tight pussy of Zhang Xiao Yu. In case you still don’t know, she is a popular adult model, a lot of men dream of sticking in her sweet pink hole. So you have such a possibility with the best and most realistic sex Onahole, imitating her vagina.

Onahole review: its advantages and drawbacks

The outside layer of the sleeve is skin-like and soft, so you can grip it strongly and control the level of pressure. Moreover, you can spank it, and it will seem like smacking a real woman’s body. It makes your feelings with the Onahole more realistic.

The inner part is designed to give you maximum stimulation and divided into several zones.

The first one has a vein-like formation with rotund patterns for the introductory impact. The next zone has vertical ribbing parts to intensify your feelings. The third part of the Onahole is packed with large cores, ribs, and nodes for incomparable high-end feelings. At last, the ending part of this sex Onahole allows you to snug the cock head to refined contours to get explosive cum.

Pros of the toy

So, this Onahole combines features that allow it to be as realistic as its possible. It is a closed-hole dual layer sleeve 6.5 x 4 x 3.75 dimension.

It’s main advantages are:

  • safe-body and skin-like soft material; 
  • the Onahole is soft so that you can control the level of pressure with your hand; 
  • at the same time, it is firm enough to provide you a feeling of sex act; 
  • the outer and inner lips replicate the pussy of popular Japanese model Zhang Xiao Yu; 
  • the sleeve is compact enough, so you can take it with you wherever you want; 
  • the package’s outside part bears no label hence you will carry it without being shamed.

Cons of the toy

All exciting features of this Onahole do not allow us to forget its disadvantages in the review.

So, here they are:

  • you need a lubricant while using it;
  • you can use only one kind of lube, water-based one.


I’m not a newcomer in masturbation and till now I ‘v had something about several dozen of different sleeves.

I tried expensive ones and exotic ones, and I can frankly say that Meiki no Syoumei gives me the most amazing feelings.

2. La Bocca Della Verita

It’s hard to imagine a male who never dreamed about an incredible deep-throat blowjob.

This best Onahole toy imitates the mouth of a young and beautiful temptress with tight and deep throat, and it really is something to excite about.

You can expand that voluptuous mouth with your fingers, play with resilient tongue and soft and tender lips, then put overexciting dick into that Onahole mouth as deep as you always dreamed.

Magic Eyes, a producer of this best sex toy, designed it based on a review of s accomplished users and took into account various offers. The result exceeded all expectations.

La Bocca Della Verita review: its advantages and drawbacks

From the outside, this Onahole is more realistic than the most part of other oral sleeves due to the wider opening of the lips and exact simulation of the internal anatomic structure of the real mouth.

Just open the mouth sleeve with your fingers or penis, and you can see two rows of rubber teeth, palate with ribbed structure, and playful tongue.

These details bring your feelings on an entirely different level of realism. This tongue is agile, and due to its structure can pet your cock head just as real one. The bottom of the mouth is the beginning of real high-end explosive stimulation for you.

Pros of the Onahole

So, this oral sex closed-hole Onahole differs compact dimension (6 x 3 x 3) and made from TPE. You’ll receive it unmarked, so nobody will guess that the package relates to masturbation.

It’s main advantages are:

  • The outside is soft and skin-like, while the inside is firm enough to give you maximum sensations. 
  • This blowjob Onahole has teeth and a tongue for that real feeling; 
  • You can have fun with it because it is made of body-safe materials; 
  • Its inner textures are designed specially to offer more than just a blowjob.

Cons of the toy

So let’s talk about the shortcomings:

  • you have to use water-based lube for comfort and easy glide;
  • the inner parts of the sleeve can eventually change the color.


I think this Onahole is the most realistic and the best one. I’ve read a review before buying but still was surprisingly shocked. That playful tongue, both with hard teeth and throat, modeled precisely like a real mouth. But the sleeve hole is bigger than in the image.

It is not bad for me as I am more than average size, but for somebody, it can provide some concerns with meager stimulation.

3. Julia +

The imagination of Japanese designers brought the world one of the best Onaholes.

With this sex toy, you have not only a realistic pussy. Julia + differs with a full trunk.

Julia + review: its advantages and drawbacks

The inner texture of the sleeve allows you to feel much more than just real sex. It is equipped with ridges and grooves for strong exaltation.

Moreover, it has a curve, so you can change the affecting on your cock just by turning the torso.

All you have to do is push on the best Onahole’s belly with your hands if you want more pressure or turn it if you need harder stimulation. By changing the feel around your penis, you can reach maximal orgasmic feelings.

Pros of the Onahole

As another Onaholes, it is a closed-hole dual-layer sleeve. It differs from the large size (7.25 x 4 x 3.5).


  • it is the scaled-down body shape of a real porn actress;

  • the closed-hole design gives you a suction feeling while penetrating the sleeve;
  • you can control the level of stimulation by turning or squeezing this sex toy.

Cons of the Onahole

Let’s mention some cons:

  • you can’t use this Onahole without water-based lube;
  • it has a rather large size so it can be difficult to travel with;
  • you need additional tools for cleaning this Onahole.


Insextoys.com, the best thing about Julia Onahole is the dual-layer material. The exterior side of it feels like real human skin while the inside is stimulating. I also like it because it comes with different areas in the sleeve and that bit where it narrows.

This is the greatest feeling ever throughout life. However, cleaning the Onahole after ejaculation is not easy at all.

4. Peek-A-Boo Lips Stroker

This realistic Onahole differs with a careful design and exciting inner texture. Make your feelings more incredible with a tight masturbator.

At the entrance, the Onahole has a smooth slit to fit your penis tightly. When you spread it wide, you can see natural-like snug lips and clit and tight vagina. This super-tight entry will give you a sensation of first-time penetrating.

Peek-A-Boo Lips Stroker review: its advantages and drawbacks

The review would not be complete without telling you about the inner structure of this Onahole. It equipped with ribs and nubs to tease your erect tip to induce explosive sex and ejaculation.

Pros of the toy

The Onahole is 3.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches long. It is designed for an average size, but it expands easily, so it fits any cock.

Main advantages:

  • The outer layer is made of a unique soft and durable material; 
  • The inner layer is hard enough for intense stimulation and, indeed, body-safe; 
  • That cunt looks like a real thing with the shape and surface naturally detalised; 
  • There are curves inside to give harder stimulation.

Cons of the toy

This Onahole definitely has some disadvantages:

  • you had to use a lot of lubricant together with it, and if you don’t like the smell and feelings after water-based one, you have some problems. You can’t use another type of lube with this sleeve;
  • It is a little bit difficult to clean it up and dry after you finish;
  • this Ohahole is open-ended, so you can splash your cum around if not control your exaltation;
  • because of an open-ended construction, you don’t feel the sense of shooting inside.


I like the exterior design of lips and the internal texture of the Onahole, it’s that damn good. But the inner part separates from the outer after too intensive use.

Besides, I always have problems with this open-end and cleaning all furniture after cum, so it will eventually need to be replaced.

5. THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina and Ass Masturbator 246.9oz

This amazing is more than just a butt. First of all, this Onahole is almost life-sized. Secondly, it has two holes with a credible design.

The internal textures of these holes are different, as they should be. The backdoor hole is tighter and curved. Cunt has lips for gentle enveloping of your shaft. The end of the sleeves equipped with durable ribbed structures so you can snuggle your tip for explosive high-end. It is one of the best anal and vaginal natural-sized Onahole.

Pro Elite Alana review: its advantages and drawbacks

This doggie-style Onahole designed to the last detail. Two holes allow you to inspire different sensations.

The weight and size and texture of the Onahole give you a lot of possibilities.

You can stroke soft ass or play with protrusive lips, and then spank her and squeeze before getting the experience of deliciously penetrate.

Pros of the toy

The Onahoke designed in doggie-style and has impressive dimensions (14 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches).

The main advantages of this full-sized Onahole:

  • safe-body and skin-like material;
  • best design;
  • you can expand your usual masturbation with excitement playing with the ass.

Cons of the toy

But still, the Onahole has some significant disadvantages:

  • The first thing you need to know is that penetrating comfortably requires a lot of lube. 
  • To be specific, the only lubricants you had were water-based. 
  • This is because you may damage the material if you play too much with it. 
  • It can be very hard cleaning it after you will have finished. 
  • Also, after-care will require additional equipment such as anti-bacterial soap and drying sticks. 
  • Because of its size, Onahole cannot be carried on a journey and it can’t be easily hidden.


This is a great Onahole. I like that it keeps steady; however hard my thrusting movements are. It really provides the best experience and excitation.

The holes are a little bit too tight for me. And it is annoying me to clean the masturbator after cum.

An Onahole not just a masturbator in a Japanese style. It provides a completely new experience and a new quality of self-satisfaction. Dual-layer material allows combining skin-like feelings of your hands with intensive stimulation of your cock. The internal textures of these sleeves differ along the entire length, so your perception of the process changes.


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