Female Hot G-Spot Vibrators for Orgasm, Massage Women: Masturbating with Stimulation Toy

The vibrator is nowadays. Today the most popular female sextoy, it is democratized and available in many variants.

Vibrator with remote control, realistic vibrator, vibrator to excite the G – point have tested some of them. Here are my results.

A penetration targeting the clit is very different from a penetration targeting the G-spotLike the sextoy at the top of the page, the stimulator often stimulates the G-spot A single intimate toy, with each you get a multi-functional accessory

1. Vibrator for women Lelo with action on the G spot

I bought my first vibrator during my teenage years because I didn’t have enough money to buy it. had no pleasure with the boys.

Since then, I’ve been I have learned to to use it and j regularly reach the vaginal or clitoral orgasm with this sextoy.

This Lelo Ina 2 model has a specificity that I loves on vibrators: a slightly raised tip.

While the we used to see only realistic and straight vibrators, this shape is well above the level of sensations.

This elevation allows, when you penetrate yourself during masturbation, to rub your G spot.

The latter is about 0.5 cm from the If you put your finger in the vagina, you will feel a little streaked. The action inflates it a little bit under the influence of the excitation and leads to at the orgasm if you have control over your actions.

Of course, like any vibrating sextoy, the sensations on your clitoris are also excellent. 5 different vibration modes are available.

On my side, I often start by stroking myself with my fingers, then use the vibrator directly on the third level and regularly climb to the fifth level.

The size of the sextoy is standard. If you have already been penetrated by a sex of man, you will have a similar feeling on the dimensional levels.

Also appreciates its modern and uncommon style, as well as the low noise that This is an advantage if you plan to use your vibrator in a public place.

Its 4-hour autonomy gives you the time to use it. to take advantage of it, but n don’t forget to recharge your vibrator or it will be flat on the day you have a masturbation urge.

The price of this special G spot vibrator is a little expensive, but, between the quality of the vibro, the pleasure that he brings and his style, the investment is worth it. J I currently have six vibrators in my bedside table and I mainly uses this sextoy to masturbate at home.

2. Pink Silicone Heated Vibrator

If you have a small budget for the purchase your vibrator, this model is an excellent deal.

It has a rather rare feature: it heats up. Indeed, you can set a temperature up to at 40°, which is close to that of d This heat is not enough to hurt during your masturbation, but it reveals new sensations.

This vibrating dildos has seven different modes and is waterproof, which allows a little pleasure in the bath or pool… It comes with a pocket to store it discreetly and keep it clean… It works wirelessly and plugs into the mains to recharge itself.

J also appreciates the material. The glans of this vibrator, also ideal for stroking the G spot, is very soft.

If you decide to stimulate your clitoris with this part, you will not be able to will not have the impression of to have any silicone. With the heat effect, l clitoral orgasm can come very quickly.

Vibrator for cheap women, it is ideal for a first purchase. does not reach the quality level of the Lelo (less fluid handling, autonomy of 1h30 only…), but remains an excellent sextoy. I prefer it on cold evenings, when under the duvet, its warming aspect warms my whole body and not just my clit.

Selection of the best female vibrators

If you are not interested in my choice number 1 OR 2, I I have compiled for you a list of vibrators sold on Amazon (top site for a discreet package and a purchase with complete confidence), take the one that excites you the most among them.

We also sometimes order sextoys on Dorcel Store, where the products are of high quality, the sending is fast and again, there is no clue on the packaging to guess what is being sent. Here is a selection of vibrators on their website.

How to best use your vibrator?

The vibrator is a very complete sextoy that allows you to play many sexual games, here are some scenarios and actions that I loves it:

  • Hiding method : I take a mini silent vibrator that I slip into my handbag and put it in my pocket. offers a forbidden (and therefore exciting) masturbation in a cabin of fitting or dining out (if you go to a quiet place at a off-peak time, peace and quiet is possible.
  • Torque method : I let Julien play with my vibrator and masturbate me. He loves to see me shake before the orgasm and becomes an expert to make it vibrate on my clitoris as I do. There are also connected vibrators such as the ” we vibes ” which allows your partner to control the vibrations remotely with his phone or a remote control.

  • Anal method : j I’ve already used the sextoy several times as an anal vibrator, but I’m not a big fan by far, I prefer an anal plug, but you may enjoy discovering anal masturbation with a mini vibrator to avoid pain.

  • Depression method: sexual intercourse or masturbation is the best remedy I can find Alone, I take my vibrator out of its cover and quickly find a smile. How can I be sad when I can be sad? to offer such sensations!

  • Performance method : the size of these vibrators is quite small, however, during hot sex, I A big vibrator is then a good choice, even if it is not a good choice. never reaches the size of large dildos (the largest are d and I still wonder how women can put them in their vaginas without screaming in pain!).

Why choose the vibrator among the sextoys?

Discreet, tidy, curved, moderate size, Lelo really offers quality vibrators loves!

When you buy your first sextoy, you often hesitate between the vibrator and the dildo. have both, but if you had to lean towards the vibrator, I would understand it for several reasons:

  • A vibrant sextoy that gives intense pleasure.

  • Adjustable vibration modes that perfectly meet the desire to “increase power” when using a masturbation.
  • Anal, vaginal, clitoral, alone or in pairs, the vibrator is a sextoy who is used in many countries. different opportunities.

  • An excellent discreet and small sextoy to enter the world of masturbation with intimate toys.
  • It can be taken anywhere and its low noise allows you to masturbate while remaining silent (unless you moan loudly!).

  • A cheap sextoy that has a very long life span.
  • A “must have” for all naughty girls, a bit like the skirt for women who like to be sexy.

Still not convinced by the vibrator? But what do you need? I’ll come back soon on the subject to advise you on its use and you won’t be able to find it. will then have more than a desire: to choose the best vibrator for women! The G-spot, the famous point that the The G-spot is located in the inner wall of the vagina, rising a little (0.5 to 1.5 cm) and feels to the touch because this part is striated… Given its location, its stimulation s always performs with a female sextoy with a tip that goes up a little.

The Stimulator & Goliate G-spot vibro

I have had this vaginal stimulator for two and a half months and I have absolutely no regrets about my purchase. Its form is an ode to the vaginal orgasm.

If you do not have never had any or have difficulty coming other than through the clitoris (which is very common), this stimulator is the best possible companion.

You have two extremities that can both be put in your vagina, the flexible head is larger and more like a penetrating masturbation where the most of your pleasure comes from the comings and goings. other end is best for a stimulation of your G spot. It goes up very well and therefore comes to rub your point with each movement.

Start with slow, weak movements, such as simple caresses, and then, as the excitement builds up in you, that you get wetter, speed up your movements with the vaginal stimulator. Soon, you will not be will only have to You will then be on the right road to the right place for the vaginal orgasm.

This part of the sextoy is vibrant.

Activate and choose from the one of the two vibration modes: the stimulator material is silicone, and it is pleasant to feel it, then it is very easy to clean.

As you can imagine when you see the object, it is also can be used as a vibrator or to caress your clitoris. C is therefore a super sextoy 2 in 1.

Selection of the best vaginal stimulators

If my choice number 1 does not convince you, I will I have compiled for you a list of vaginal stimulators sold on Amazon (top site for a discreet package and a purchase with confidence), take the one that excites you the most among them.

We also sometimes order sextoys on Dorcel Store, the products are of high quality, the shipping is fast and once again, there is no indication on the packaging what it contains, here is a selection of G spot stimulators on their website.

How to use a G-spot stimulator?

Of course, a vaginal stimulator is a good idea.

Uses differently from a clitoral stimulator, even if some sextoys allow, by varying the shapes and functions, to If you don’t know how to spice up your masturbations with a G-spot stimulator, here are some of the scenarios I’ve come up with loves it:

  • Position variation method : When you do the With the legs raised, the G spot is rubbed, while the G spot is rubbed. With your vaginal stimulator, look for the right position, I feel a lot of pleasure when I am on my stomach, in a doggy-style or when I lift my legs, find the ones that carry you to the right position. at the orgasm.

  • Wet method : This vaginal stimulator is waterproof, so take the opportunity to masturbate in the bath, best when you lift your legs a little, for example by putting one foot on each side of the bath. water helps to fluidize the movement. J found that it was harder – at least in my case – d go as far as at the orgasm in the water. But, c is a great moment of relaxation.

  • Reverse method : And if instead of trying to stimulate your G spot, you try to penetrate your anus? my number one choice on this vaginal stimulator comparator is perfect for that because it has a thin side. Training alone with an anal stimulator is the best way to find out how to free yourself with this part of the body and, on the day you sodomy, you will not be able to will hurt more. Better, you will die of it. desire!

  • Submitted method : With Julien, I likes bondage games. He likes me tied to the bed, used small ropes to compress my breasts, tie my hands… I totally let myself go… On these occasions, I loves it when he uses a vaginal stimulator, especially when I He has control over my pleasure and the position makes it possible for him to be in control of my pleasure. he rubs the G spot on each pass. Generally, I get very wet, shiver and when he finally penetrates me with his sex, I am already close to the 7th heaven!

Why choose a vaginal stimulator to masturbate?

If you are still hesitating to get a vaginal stimulator, here is why you should always have one close to your bed to masturbate, and stimulate your G spot:

  • Finally, to know the vaginal orgasm ! Many women are not The intense pleasure makes you want to quickly feel it again. A G spot stimulator is your best chance to experience it for the first time.

  • A classic use of a dildo. The sensations are strong. J likes to vary both.
  • A sextoy for woman 2 in 1.
  • A perfect object to educate your partner about the G-spot. If men are all in control, or they are very bad and you must guide them, the location of the clitoris is not a problem. The shape and your advice allow him to discover it.
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