5 Best Lubricants for Condoms of 2024: Get Ready for a Smooth Ride!

Lubricant is a specific gel with different additives that hydrate the mucous membranes. It prevents the appearance of small cracks and tears; it gives a comfortable glide of the penis; during intimate coitus.

Depending on the situation, I recommend using greases with different compositions; sometimes you can do without it. However, there are cases when it is impossible to have comfortable sex without lubes.

Lubes do not leave tracks on things and undergarmentsWater-based gels rarely cause allergic reactions Modern water gels can have tasty scents and tastes

1. Fleshlube Water

Fleshlube Water’s water-based high-performance water-based lubrication is a perfect complement to sex.

It is the best lube for condoms. Designed to moisturize the genitalia and lubricate vaginal sex.

This grease made of best, high-quality elements:

  • Aqua
  • Methylpropanediol
  • Butylene glycol
  • Tromethamine

Condoms benefit from this.

The Fleshlube Water Pleasant Fleece Loto gel with its thin consistency helps to increase the comfort and pleasure of sex games, whether it’s masturbation with a choice of erotic means or while playing with your partner. Everybody seat applies it over each condom.


  • Fleshlube Water is water-based lube for Flashlight’s sex toys and condoms, which are great for those who like natural sliding. It has a transparent appearance, does not make stains on clothes and beddings and can be washed off with ordinary water.
  • Water-based lubricant Fleshlube Water is perfect for Flashlight masturbators. The company states that users should only apply water-based lubes if they want to achieve the highest satisfaction from their masturbators.
  • This lube does not harm the material of which the masturbator has made; it is easily washed away, leaves no trace on clothes, and can also use during sex with a partner. Fleshlube Water does not cause allergies but gently affects sensitive skin.


  • Unlike many other greases, Fleshlube Water does not contain any condoms used in the cosmetics industry and does not harmless quite. It comes in two convenient sizes: 100 ml and 250 ml.

2. Sliquid – Naturals H2O Intimate lubrication – 4.2 ounces. (125 ml)

Sliquid Naturals H2O is the best water-based product. It is the best lube for condoms. Sliquid Naturals H2O is an intimate lube with a proper composition based on water.

H2O is the main ingredient for any water-based grease in the Naturals series. It is similar to the organic, intimate body lube.

Vegetable cellulose uses as a thickener in place of glycerol or the like. It also applies to most other modern greases. Sliquid Naturals H2O, just Naturals H2O can be used with any sex toys. It is best for intimate organs. Everybody seat applies it over each condom.

All oils are resisted by every brand of condoms.

This grease is only 96 % clean water. It thickens when cellulose is extracted from cotton. It does not contain any raw animal or gluten material. Cyamopsis is extracted from guar beans as the excellent material. It acts as a regulator for wines in the name of potassium sorbate. Because it is important to preserve, it serves as an essential preservative. As a native antifungal agent, citric acid can be used.

Sliquid Naturals

Sliquid Naturals has 13 different types of lubricants and has a single current component. Sliquid H2O is the simplest, cleanest, most secret grease in this line. It is the basis of all other lubes of this series. It consists of five best components.


  • Of the most modern fresh ingredients;
  • Of the most delicate standard based;
  • On the best scientific studies.


  • Dries up quickly and sticks;
  • Causes an allergic reaction;
  • Leaves stains on the laundry.

3. GUN LUBE Silicone

It is a lube for fisting, anal, and classical sex (Silicone) GUN LUBE Silicone 480 ml. GUN LUBE Silicone makes a famous brand from America.

GUN LUBE Silicone, which enjoys an impeccable reputation and is very popular in the global consumer community. It is best to lube for condoms.

The silicone base of the product allows for a long time to use the minimum amount of grease while ensuring perfect gliding.

It passes skin irritation due to the presence of Aloe Vera and vitamin E. They are almost in the hypoallergenic composition of it. It is pay allowing somebody to concentrate on sexual pleasure. Powerful natural antioxidants provide a unique radioprotective effect of the lubricant.


  • Long soft glide, reveals the sexual potential of partners;
  • There is an effective reduction in pain, slowing of natural aging process and rejuvenation.
  • There is very little time between sexual acts.
  • The high level of sliding off the lubricant helps to make a perfect erotic massage or masturbate using it.
  • The grease does not have any unpleasant smells and does not cause irritation on the partner. The product’s composition is hypoallergic which makes it indispensable for highly sensitive skin.
  • The lubricant will not dry out for a long time. Everyone applies it above every condom. It is indifferent as to condoms.


  • It doesn’t sparingly consume;
  • It has to add;
  • It is irritating;
  • It causes an allergic reaction;
  • It is not well distributed;
  • It doesn’t wash out well.

4. Fifty Shades of Grey At Ease Anal Lubricant 3.4 fl oz

Product description

It includes the exclusive suite of sensitive skin treatments. The grease has an extensive structure for a mild, gentle and exciting action that adds to the pleasure of anal games.

Everybody seat applies it over each condom.

The manufacturer’s declaration of nutritional supplements did not approve by the FDA. Condoms are not afraid of it. The manufacturer declares the products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The products are not for use by people with poor health.


The product information provided by the manufacturer. It is not possible to obtain confirmation of this information from independent sources. Before purchasing the product, make sure that it belongs to a batch that fully corresponds to the declared characteristics. Carefully check the information on the product packaging before use.


  • The composition is FDA approved;
  • It is fully compliant with connectors made of latex and polyurethane, very reliable and sustainable;
  • It approves by the author Fifty shades of grey I.L. James as part of the official collection;
  • All the goods of the collection covered by the Buyer’s satisfaction guarantee get.
  • The client can exchange his goods for other Fifty Shades Product if he is dissatisfied with something within 7 days.


  • It causes itching and burning;
  • This is like water.
  • It is just nasty;
  • That is dull.
  • It is sticky on the skin;
  • It dulls the sensation;
  • That can be harmful to the health of the genitals.
  • It is rolled down.

5. Astroglide Personal Lubricant

Astroglide Personal Lubricant ultra-soft gel is a very soft gel. It is the best lube for condoms. Allergies to personal lubrication.

It is a very gentle intimate lubricant; tested by a dermatologist for sensitive skin. A lube safety formula doesn’t contain alcohol with glycerin parabens.


This grease is the natural excretion identical to the secret female intimate organs. It is the first product specifically for pleasure. Previously, there were only medical greases. Astroglide moisturizes the vagina, reduces burning and irritation. It is gasoline-free, water-soluble and long-lasting. It allows everybody to use condoms.

Many couples report that this smooth formula lasts a long time, requires less liquid per application, has a sweet, pleasant taste and increases comfort and ease of sexual activity. Everybody seat applies it over each condom.


  • It takes a long time;
  • It doesn’t destroy condom and toy material;
  • Will give you much glide;
  • Extremely cost-effective;
  • No spermicide;
  • Has a sweet flavor.


  • Not recommended for users with a tendency to yeast infections;
  • Some people don’t like the sweet taste;
  • It becomes sticky during application if too much is applied;
  • A lot of people do not like fine texture.

Shortcomings in user feedback:

  • Increases friction;
  • Use cases do not consider;
  • The confidence is not right;
  • Can’t be cleaned up;
  • Doesn’t moisturize well;
  • Poor composition;
  • Allergic irritation;
  • Dries out;
  • There’s no dispenser;
  • Uncomfortable lid.

Lubrication may require in the following situations:

  • The desire to diversify your sex life;
  • Insufficient amount of natural vaginal lubrication;
  • Menopause period in women;
  • The use of the lube gel is mandatory for anal sex.

There are several types of lubes that help you to make sexual intercourse more intense and comfortable.

Despite the immense choice, all lubes for intimate hygiene can divide into three types:

  • Lubricants which are based on water do not harm condoms.
  • Silicone lubes; Condoms dislike it.
  • Lubricants based on lube; It dissolves condoms.

Lube-based products are considered to be the most obsolete and are currently almost unused.

More and more users prefer water-based products. The advantages of such lubes include the following:

  • They can use them for kind of sexual contact;
  • The products provide excellent glide.

The lack of water-based lubricants is their rapid drying on the mucous membrane and skin. Any condoms are using with this. Water-based lubes is the best lube for condoms.


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