Best Male Chastity Device

Male chastity devices overview in 2021

Chastity cage or chastity device is an unusual item for most people. Cage locking is an amateur game.

How to deal with this difficult toy for adults? And is this device a toy? Is it safe to wear a chastity cage? We will answer these and other questions in our review.

Besides, we invite you to explore our ranking of the best products from this special category.
So, here is our list of best chastity devices.

A beginner and a sophisticated subordinate guy can wear the plastic chastity cageMetal men's devices are the most restrictive and creates an additional visual effect If you use your male device intelligently, you will get only pleasant impressions

1. CB-6000S Short Male Chastity Cage Kit

To understand whether you like your erection limiters or not, start with a softer chastity cage.

This device is plastic, which limits you as delicately as possible.

#Top Male Chastity DeviceBenefits

  • The device is easy to use, the best for beginners
  • This male cage is safe for your health
  • The device provides a comfortable fit for most men
Dominix Deluxe

  • This chastity model is suitable for advanced experimenters
  • Durable steel construction has an unlimited service life
  • The mechanism provides complete chastity
Fetish Fantasy Extreme

  • Steel device consists of only two parts
  • This chastity storage limiter is natural to put on
  • The size of the belt is adjustable within full limits
Cal Exotics Lover's

  • The material is super durable and soft rubber
  • This model enhances erections and sharpens your feelings
  • The cover provides additional caress to your partner
Fantasy C-Ringz

  • Cover consists of 100% medical silicone
  • Super stylish design created based on BDSM
  • If you are a fan of such sessions, you definitely need to try on this toy

If you like games with domination, chastity devices will be a great addition to your special meetings. Carefully choose the person to whom you entrust the key to your cage.

  • The sleek design has no sharp corners and is not noticeable under clothing.
  • You can achieve a perfect fit in diameter and length thanks to a set of 5 sealing rings and removable parts [1].
  • The chastity cage is excellent for long term use.
  • The chastity cage is too big for some users. Before buying, carefully take all measurements and consult with the seller.


Take off your chastity device at least once a week and clean thoroughly. The manufacturer recommends removing the male cage at night. But we know that most users violate this rule.

Customer Feedback

This is a surprisingly convenient device for men who want to obey. I figured out the design and put on the cage. It’s great that all the details are plastic. The chastity device is very light, does not rub, and you will not get allergies.

2. DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock

Let’s pay more attention to metal chastity models.

This male device is already more severe and requires more responsibility.

For whom this choice will be the best?

  • You can’t even touch yourself.
  • The sealing ring has a standard size, and most likely it will suit you.
  • Design designed so that your head member is open to the touch. These teasing sensations alternate with a squeezing effect.
  • Metal male toys can cause an allergic reaction.
  • This kind of chastity limiters is more substantial. It’s hard to hide under clothes.


Customer Feedback

I like this chastity toy because it has a simple design. The kit consists of only two parts. You do not need to invent anything or for a long time to understand. Just put this thing on, close the lock and give the key to someone you want.

3. Fetish Fantasy Extreme Chastity Belt and Cock Cage

Now that you already know about the most popular chastity guardians, you might want to try more.

Soon we will tell about the whole male set for limiting your member.

  • If you are a big guy or thin, most likely, this set for hard entertainment will suit you.
  • The volume chastity device is suitable for the average guys, that means, for most men.
  • Steel may cause allergies or discomfort in contact with your skin.
  • Some users may not immediately wear a belt.
  • The price of the kit is slightly higher than the cost of individual products.

Customer Feedback

I like to feel locked up in this chastity limiter. If you are very excited, you will feel pain. I regularly remove the toy at night and return it in the morning.


If in order to put on a chastity kit you need a lubricant, then you need a larger size. As soon as the lotion is dry, you will feel discomfort and want to be free.

4. Adam & Eve Lover’s cage

This is a unique copy in our collection of chastity toys. In this case, it is even more about helping to keep an erection than about chastity.

This model partially performs the functions of an erection ring. Moreover, the manufacturer also took care of your partner. Special bristles on the front surface of the toy will certainly find her clitoris. Both of you will like the new game, 100%!

  • At the same time, the model is stretched and adjusts to your parameters.
  • The standard size without restrictions on the length allows you to wear this thing to all men without exception.
  • You can not wear it if you do not have an erection at all or it is very weak.
  • Some buyers said that for a long time they could not get used to the supporting pocket for the testicles.
  • Not too aesthetic in colour.

Customer Feedback

I like the fact that the material is very soft and does not rub. And my girlfriend loves when I turn on the vibration at maximum speed!

Extra bonus

Add a bullet vibrator! You have never experienced such cosmic sensations before. As a gift from the brand, you will receive a set of batteries.

5. Fantasy C-Rings Hardcore silicone cock blocker

This model has the least holes. Your dick will definitely feel trapped! In this case, only the sealing ring is made of steel.

A warning!

Perhaps you will be hot in such clothes in the summer.

  • The smooth shape and light weight allow you to wear a chastity bag under clothing. No one will even guess about your game.
  • Affordable price allows you to experiment.
  • There may be some difficulties before you lower your member into the boot. Silicone can stick to the skin, especially in the heat.
  • A small number of air vents in this model do not allow your skin to breathe freely.

Customer Feedback

I have a large enough volume, so I was glad to have the opportunity to adjust the diameter of the sealing ring. Among all the similar models, this toy stands out. I really liked the design. But I do not recommend wearing it under clothes, especially in summer. You will be too hot!

Do you know how to make wearing a chastity cage as pleasant as possible?

There are many guys among our customers who love the game of domination and submission.

There are even real fans of BDSM. They shared their personal experiences.

What does size matter?

Incorrectly selected chastity cage can cause a lot of inconveniences. If you buy a smaller male device than you need, you risk getting skin irritation or even waiting out the vessels. In the future, it threatens you with swelling and a trip to the doctor!

A longer chastity cage than you need is also a bad option. The urination opening should exactly match your urethra. If this does not happen, then you miss every time you go to the toilet. Do you know what that means? The chastity cage will have to be removed and washed several times a day. Otherwise, you will have problems with personal hygiene.

Additional information about the chastity cage

Some guys complain that after a long wearing of male devices, their penis size has decreased.

Even if these changes are minor, no one wants to lose their natural inches. To avoid the sad consequences, we recommend removing the chastity cage at night. So you keep your size and do not disrupt the natural functioning of the body.

What material makes the best chastity cage?

In our list, you saw three different options: plastic, metal, and silicone. These are the basic materials that most manufacturers use. The plastic version is the most optimal and suitable for most men.

The disadvantage of metal models for most guys is the greater weight of the device compared to the plastic chastity cage.

Also, metal often leads to skin irritation due to allergies.

Diligent manufacturers indicate in the description of each metal chastity cage that wearing it can affect your health. But we have never encountered such cases.

Why do we need a chastity cage?

If a man is in a cage for a long time, he controls the appearance of an erection.

Those guys who already have a good practice of using the chastity cage, have excellent control of their bodies. Practice the male device, and you will manage your member.

The main thing is to give you freedom at night or at least once a week. Advanced carriers of the chastity cage declare that after removing a device, the sensations from sex become several times brighter. You will begin to experience extreme orgasms.

Waiting for a meeting with a partner will be much more exciting for you [2].

Silicone chastity cages are more helpers than limiters. Such a device will keep your member in working condition a little longer than usual. This model enhances erections with weak erectile dysfunction. Many silicone chastity cages do with additional accessories. The most popular brushes for your partner’s clitoris and supporting pockets for testicles.

By and large, if you like the game with chastity, you need all three types of cages. If you are still undecided, start with the simplest devices. Choose your loved model from our list and enjoy your forced chastity.


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