Nipple Tassels, Pasties: Sexy Stickers, Tape, Cover

If you decided to try nipple accessories, you have to choose the best ones. This unnecessary and funny thing can make your sexual life more bright and exciting.

It can suit your role-playing games, be excellent for erotic photoshoots or sex-party.

You can imagine milliards of ways to use this thing, but if you want to get safe and comfortable sex play, you have to pick a perfect one. We made this review of the best models, told about all the pros and cons of each model, especially for you. Choose your one and start your best sex play!

Tassels easy to use, they have not things that can hurt your body, so it is perfect for the beginnersThese accessories can be used by men and women both and look the same hot on all the body types If you want to try something cheap but high-quality that's the right choice

1. Peekaboos Premium Cross Pattern Nipple Pasties

Sexy, fabulous, unusual – this all can be told about this model.

They look classic but very hot. But let’s talk about this one in detail because we can admire this model eternally.

  • They suit any breast size. Even if you have A- or C- cup, they will look excellent on your body;
  • You will get two pairs in one package. The first pair looks like satin; the second pair of the accessories have an imitation of the snake scales. Both of the models look very hot;
  • The packing looks very cute;
  • It can be used all night long without any troubles.
  • They are disposable. Such accessories seem cheap, but if you can use it just once it gets not so good.
  • People with a piercing can get some trouble about putting it on and off. It is safe, but if you are a beginner, you can get some trouble trying to make it good-looking. But don’t worry, it will come with the experience.

2. Lovehoney Oh! Sequin Nipple Tassels

This nipple tassels are one of the most popular picks on the Lovehoney. And it is a perfect choice.

Something with such high quality and beautiful look just can not be unpopular.

  • This one looks very good. Sequins have a stunning effect on everybody. Shiny and unusual, it makes it a perfect choice;
  • You can use it with any lingerie set or put on just like an unusual accessory;
  • The silicone and all other materials are safe for your skin;
  • The package is secure and very cute. Small hearts on the violet looks beautiful and the design in one of the reasons to buy it;
  • The producer used the silicone, not glue, and it makes this model very safe and comfortable.
  • These accessories are not so suitable for men and women with small breasts. A review of one man tells that it is only for women with breasts not smaller than B.
  • If your nipples have any unusual shape or you have a piercing that’s not your choice.
  • Silicone gives not such a good fixation as a skin-friendly glue, so even on the second usage, you can get troubles with the obsession.


3. Fetish Feather Nipple Clamps

Nipple accessories with tassels always look very sexy and hot.

It is a perfect choice if you want to try something for light BDSM and have any alternatives if you won’t like to use it as clamps.

Tassels with feathers can be used in lots of ways.

  • You can regulate the clamps to make it harder or more comfortable. Also, if you want a hard play, it is easy to make it so. Or you can make a very light pressure just to make them hold on your nipples;
  • They look very fetish and hot;
  • The feathers are a useful accessory for the sex anyway, even if you won’t like the clamps you can use this nipple tassels in your plays;
  • The combination of white and black feathers look beautiful. This toy makes you understand that the designer spends a lot of time making this tassels such nice looking.
  • You can’t wash this toy because of the feathers. One review says that washing can make them look awful.
  • The fixation is not hard enough for a tough play.
  • People with sensitive nipples can feel very bad after usage.
  • You can’t use it under your lingerie or clothes.

4. Peekaboos Premium Heart Shaped Nipple Pasties

These pasties look incredibly hot. Heart-shaped pasties suit to any breast size and feel very comfortable on the body.

Also, they cost not so much and suit for all beginners.

  • This nipple tassels suit for men and woman both and feel comfortable with any breast sizes;
  • You can wear it for 8 hours, almost all night. One review says that you can do it longer;
  • Satin feels very gentle and soft on your skin. These pasties are easy to put on and take off both;
  • The glue used for the fixation is safe for your skin and feels very good.
  • You can use them just one time; it makes this purchase not so profitable.
  • Beginners will get some trouble trying to set it without bubbles of the air inside.
  • The shape makes the putting it off a bit hard. The X-shape is more comfortable at this moment.
  • It is a bit hard to take them off.
  • When you take them off and fail, you can accidentally spoil the glue, and it will be just a waste of money.

5. Fetish Fantasy Crystal Nipple Claims

These clamps suit for the middle and hard play lovers. They give good fixation on the nipples and look hot.

Also, it is suitable for everyone who loves reliability. What can be more reliable than metal?


  • There are silicone pads on the clamps that protect gentle skin from the metal. And you can take them off if you want to make your play harder;
  • There is a big decorative crystal in the middle of the chain; it makes them look more expensive;
  • You can adjust the pressure. Add some pain or make it light – just as you or your partner want;
  • It’s perfect for beginners: easy to use and not so costly.
  • Sometimes the producers put a smaller chain, 12 inches instead of 15,5. It is a huge con.
  • The metal of the clamps and the chain is cheap enough, and it is not so durable.
  • The clamps are not so big, so these nipple tassels won’t suit women with small nipples.
  • The silicone pads break very fast.
  • The chain and the crystal are too light for a hard play.
  • The accessories are too hard for women with sensitive nipples.

Now you know everything about the best nipple tassels. These five models are on the top of all ratings; all of them are safe for you. Choose your one and make your sex hotter than ever; our review will help you to make the right choice.

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