Wedge and Bed Pillow for Deep Position in Sex

A sex pillow is an effortless way for inexperienced users to improve their sex life.

Deliver incredible orgasms to each other, thanks to the physiological construction and effortless maintenance. Sex pillows are convenient mutual satisfaction tools with the functionality you’ll have to explore, regardless of how cheap or expensive your choice is.

Physiological positioning. Stable support for the spine and the neckThe cuffs and the blindfold are plush-covered Environmentally friendly and discreet package

1. Liberator Wedge Intimate Sex Positioning Pillow Review

General Description

It’s one of the essential bedroom adventure gear pieces to have in the bedroom.

It’s discreet, can be easily hidden under the bed, and offers effortless maintenance.

Almost every review says the tool helps in getting the right position. Regardless of which sex positions you prefer, you’ll have no trouble finding the right one.

It offers many positions. The main ones listed in the instruction are:

  • Sex Ramp;
  • Lift;
  • Sex Furniture.

The product does not limit your imagination. This sex tool is the basic option, and you can combine it with anything you consider convenient for having sex.

Short Specs

  • 27-degree angle enhances the g-spot stimulation and smooth penetration thanks to the physiologically designed construction.
  • The lift combined with the smooth material of the surface and high-density foam on the inside will protect the neck from getting stiff while having oral sex.
  • It’s a basic pillow recommended both for the newbies in intimacy and experienced lovers. You’ll find out more about how enjoyable sex can be and what sex positions work best for you.

  • It will make you enjoy anal sex, as well as vaginal.
  • The cover is soft and smooth. It’s made of reliable and long-lasting material that is 100% machine washable. You can remove it when needed.
  • The liner is moisture resistant.
  • The measurements are 14 inches Long x 24 inches Wide x 7 inches High.

✅ Pros
  • Provides comfortable support and offers a wide range of positions regardless of the low price.
  • There’s a very convenient step-by-step instruction.
  • It’s a cheap but long-lasting option, and the material is durable.
  • The pillow is soft but stable at the same time.
  • One of the greatest doggy-style options.
  • The pillow is useless for those who need more height. Consider buying an inflatable sex pillow then.

2. Liberator Jaz, Cherry Review

Take your Liberator Jaz from under the bed and improvise, enjoying the flawless design of the pillow.

A tool like this will help you intuitively find the right positions to achieve and never play the same game in the same way.

Make sure you have a sufficient amount of lube so that none of you gets distracted in the process.

The pillow comes in a variety of colors. It can become an enjoyable present on Valentine’s Day. The material of the cover is microfiber suede. It’s pleasant to the touch, 100% washable, and has protection from excessive moisture.

There’s a disadvantage though. Jaz does not have a universal shape, and you won’t manage to combine it with another Liberator product.

Short Specs

  • The pillow is discreet enough so that you could take it with you if needed.
  • The cover is removable and 100% machine washable.
  • The size is perfect if you’re willing to keep it under the bed, in the wardrobe, or in the closet.

  • The dimensions are 19 inches Long x 13 inches Wide x 6 inches High.
  • The outer material is microfiber suede. The inner material is a flexible foam.
  • The pillow is smaller in comparison with the other Liberator products.
✅ Pros
  • According to the reviews of the women, this pillow helped them after years of feeling almost nothing.
  • The foam is very sturdy and flexible. It helps you stay in the same position in the process and concentrate purely on sex, rather than on keeping yourself in place.
  • The material is not fluffy, and you’ll have no trouble keeping it clean and neat.
  • You’ll never have a strained neck even after a prolonged sex action.
  • You have to get adjusted to it before sex. Nevertheless, it’s worth it.
  • Some customers find this pillow too low.
  • When the cover gets too wet, it can run the color on the bedsheets.

3. Liberator Black Label 24-Inch Wedge Review

Liberator Black Label 24-Inch Wedge will finally help you experience “smart” deep penetrations targeted physiologically.

You’ll reveal your sexuality through comfortable, elevated oral sex, never suffering from a stiff back or neck.

The Black Label Wedge will spice up your sex life to a greater extent than you might think.

Tuck it under your hips, for an enjoyable pelvic lift. It will help your partner get deeper into you, which results in an intensified stimulation and orgasmic sensations.

The blindfold and the cuffs will help you express yourself if you’re in a playful mood and a bit of unconventional foreplay.

Zip the cover off and forget about the fuss with the maintenance. You can easily wash it in the machine following the instructions on the label of the cover.

Short Specs

  • Another high-quality sex product made of sturdy foam on the inside, and durable, soft surface material.
  • The material of the cover is a smooth and soft microfiber, that you will have no trouble maintaining clean. Unzip it, take it off, and wash it in a regular washing machine, following the recommendations on the label.
  • The measurements are 14 x 24 x 7 inches, and the weight is 2 pounds;
  • The pillow comes with cuffs.
  • The measurements of the pillow are universal to be used with the other matching sex products.

✅ Pros
  • It’s perfect for those who have back and knee issues.
  • Many buyers use this pillow for reading because of its softness and sturdiness.
  • The maintenance is super easy. You can clean the mess up with wet tissues.
  • It’s firm but never makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • It’s one of the best choices for older couples having sex.
  • There’s no need to hold your woman all the time to make her scream and squirt with shivers! The Wedge is ready to replace you!
  • Some customers say that this pillow is not perfect for people with more than average weight.

4. Liberator Black Label Wedge/Ramp Combo Review

The Black Label Combo is a two-piece product, providing every advantage of the original with the add-ons. Keep your partner tied and bound while enjoying the most physiological positions.

A sufficient lift will give you a deeper sex connection. It is ergonomic for storage and use. It’s a stable sex position pillow destined to help you lose yourself.

The angling is designed with precision so that nothing disturbs the oral sex foreplay. The interlocking threads will keep the parts of the pillow together.

The cuffs will not slip regardless of how active you are. The cuff connectors are tight and stiff. You can adjust them to specific configurations or separate them from the pillow.

It’s a perfect setting for the kinky adventures you’ve always been hungry for.

Short Specs

  • The angle is 27 degrees for the deep, targeted penetrations.
  • There’s a tilt option so that you can adjust your partner to the positions both of you find satisfying.
  • The cuffs and the blindfold are covered with the best plush material from the inside. Your BDSM action will not hurt you in the places you do not expect.
  • The parts of the pillow do not slip in the process of the action.
  • The liner is moisture resistant.
  • You’ll have no trouble with the maintenance, thanks to the unzipping covers.

✅ Pros
  • The blindfolds and the cuffs are a great, high-quality bonus.
  • The package provided by the manufacturer is very safe and discreet.
  • A sex pillow can be a silent hint about your willingness to have sex. Place it on the floor of your living room to check whether your partner gets it!
  • It’s an amazing experience for both partners.
  • The angle seems to be enough for the majority of the users.
  • Needs a bit of effort from the beginning if you are a newbie in sex toy usage.

5. Liberator 24-Inch Wedge/Ramp Combo Review

The Wedge Ramp Combo is a flawless blend of support and convenience. These two shapes are a sex life revolution. They also inspire you for more exploration.  

It’s one of the best options for tall users.

Short Specs

  • Give way to the limitless positions. Don’t follow the instructions – let yourself a bit of improvisation!
  • The ramp has a very stable contact with the Wedge, thanks to the properly designed surface material.

  • Get support. The elderly deserve to have a satisfying sex life. This sex enhancement tool will save your knees, spines, and necks from excessive tension in the process.
  • No maintenance trouble thanks to the water-resistant material of the surface. Enjoy sex for as long as you want. When you finish, merely unzip the cover and put it in the washing machine.

✅ Pros
  • It’s a flawless enhancement for a couple that enjoys intimacy but feels something insignificant is wrong.
  • The ramp and wedge construction is perfectly crafted so there’s no need to worry about something shifting from its place while you enjoy sex.
  • The size and the angle are enough for all users to enjoy – make sure you know where to keep the sex toy.
  • Older customers with acid reflux also use this wedge product as a sleeping pillow, and it helps!
  • It’s huge. You’ll have to be ready to find the right place in your bedroom to keep it away from the prying eyes.

If you still have questions on how to choose a fitting sex pillow, get in touch with our management for more instructive information about the products mentioned above.

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