Top Pocket Pussies: Bump It and Drive in 2021

Do you want to have with you, in a bag or even trouser pocket, a “tamed” pussy hole that will serve you without sex whims, wherever you are: in a train, in a public toilet or your living room? Meet exciting toy products from our selection.

Naturally, there are a lot of options for miniature “best helpers to ease the plight of those who want to let out a penis juice.” We tried to make a pussy toys selection so that you can see the key features of each of the unique models; and evaluate their practicality and convenience [1], of course.

with proper storage, and in the neutral case enclosed ...the casual glance of a mom or girlfriend WON'T allow them to guess ... ... what this pocket dizzy is intended for !?

1. Autoblow 2+ XT

Awesome toy thing: super-fresh release (mid-2018), retaining the old design, but with a number of distinctive features that put it in the rank of “elite toys.”

You are completely relaxed – the pocket sex mechanism works for you!

Toys wizards have improved the principle of “suction”: the pocket toy grip is now noticeably denser, and rows of small balls running along your beloved sex friend process a larger surface.

In general, the feeling is as if you are paying attention to a calm, skillful woman … Who, it’s true, has no teeth. Although so much the better.

No worries about cleaning the dick pussy toys

Unlike most other models, this sex-version of the tiny top best-experience pussy will not force you to apply a lot of effort to clean it after use (of course, you need to clean it, because both the real and non-real but good-as-well pussy is not disposable).

You take that soft, pliable part out of the case into which you insert your male tool and rinse it out.

And what other advantages of this pussy thing can you name?

A whole pocket pile:

  • It’s compact (you can carry the pearl-kitty pussy anywhere, especially if you are driving).
  • It is reliable: you are unlikely to have problems with such toys repair or replacement, before the expiration date or after.

  • Works powerfully (5 rows, 50% more density).
  • Available in three sizes based on your natural dick size: the length is not taken into account, the pussy beads run regularly.
  • And you don’t have to change the case, even if you need different formats of sex pussy sleeves.

  • Accessible to well-clean (only a little water is needed, possibly with a special cleaning agent).
  • The pussy is best-stylish.
  • When ordering, you can profitably purchase both lubricant and care product.

  • There is also a removable carrying handle (take your favorite hand to go on nature …).

Few cons:

  • The sex inlet is too symbolic (somehow we wanted more gentle Female Pussy outlines).
  • You have to fork out (although such a purchase can be considered a pocket investment in the future, so spending money should not upset you).

“I divorced because of this thing. Amid a quarrel, I told my wife that she was sucking worse. As a result, I had to look for a new home and a new girlfriend. This experience so changed my life for the better that I can’t describe with words. And, of course, even if I did not find a girl, I would not be upset 🙂 Thank you, dudes!”

2. Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

This company is known for producing the best toys in such an assortment that anyone can find the best toy in their life: gay, natural, lesbian, bi, combo, etc.

At the moment, it will be a time question: searching for a pussy thing that will markedly facilitate the life of a hetero or homo bachelor.

Who said that the toy should swallow your penis entirely?

This male model shatters your “decrepit” stereotypes. Take it and work from any end, not caring that the dickhead looks out or, on the contrary, the root remains blown by the breeze. The main thing is a pleasure.

This sex-thing has a lot of Pocket Sex advantages!

And here they are in front of you:

  • Maximum compactness: your working body does not have to fit into a toy completely.
  • 100% visualization: your penis friend is visible from the inside, and you can see how it (and you too, of course) is enjoying the Best Top life.
  • Open space for imagination: one end of a bilateral toy can become a vagina for you, and the second, an anus; or (if you’re gay) one is the anus, and the second is the mouth; or maybe it is generally the sucker of an alien mutant you conquered as the Earth-and-Mars male hero?

  • Due to the small format, it can serve as a mean for warming up or extra caress during “healthy” sex.
  • The pussy texture is the best for some of our testers: power-working, in the form of waves, circular.
  • It is easier to clean than classic toys. It’s the top penis donut.

  • And you’d clean it with ordinary heated water (you can buy special equipment of the same brand).
  • Comes with a case and hygienic plugs (two, which is logical here).
  • Differs by absolutely neutral design: no one would guess what is that until you say that’s the top penis pleasure.

  • Very inexpensive !!!


  • Someone may not like the transparent design (no other color options).
  • And not everyone likes it when not fully sex-swallowing: get used to it.

  • You have to work with your hands, independently, in a best-adult way.
  • Only one available toy size (if it doesn’t fit, suffer).

“I got this thing because I needed something that I could carry in my pocket. Not disappointed. Used it three times when I didn’t plan at all, just suddenly it was necessary to discharge. All three times finished magically. It is a super toy, men.”

3. Pocket PULSE

This pussy model will undoubtedly surprise you: even when we first saw it, we took it for a specific glove or some sports equipment.

Although from some point of view, this thing is a top sports device. It truly can make your breathing quicken, and your muscles tighten.

Two impressive motors are trying for you!

Because of the specific design, it may seem to you that this is an utterly uninteresting toy stray, suitable only for low-grade self-satisfaction somewhere in the corner of the garage.

In fact, this thing is equipped with two network-charged, very appropriate engines that provide five vibro modes. Start and steering wheels!

Why do we love it so much

  • It is very light. It is incredibly easy. It is fantastically lightweight.
  • And also very compact.
  • Flexible, resilient, pleasant to the touch.
  • And can try for an hour without interruption, working for your benefit (reading it, you’d to think it’s the best toy in the world … maybe).

  • You can adjust the pressure and intensity of vibration to your taste.
  • Waterproof – take it freely to the shower.
  • Interesting in appearance.
  • An unconventional form allows you not to wait for warming up: you insert a relaxed penis into the hole, and then the smart device will do best everything for you.

Why don’t we like it very much

  • Minimum diversity: most of the best functions (excluding mechanization), which differ other pussy toys of this company, are not available here. For example, remote control, hands-free mode, magnet-charging will have to be forgotten, which is a pity.
  • More expensive than the previous our top version.
  • Not everyone will like it when the swallowing is not deep (and here it IS, in fact, not).

  • 3-hour charging (we think it’s long for a sex thing that should be fun anytime, anywhere).
  • Only in black (only to us it seems that this color-selecting had made the model dull and uninteresting?).

“I was, really, attracted to the unique and stylish look of this masturbator. I thought, “Dude, you tried different things, what difference does it; let’s master this one.” And you know, I didn’t regret it! I had to try a little to get used to her form. But what a thrill when you sit in the car, and this thing itself gently strokes you, making you slowly get excited. It’s better than a blowjob from a road girl, believe!”

4. THRUST Pro Mini Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy

‘Simple but effective,’ it was probably the top motto of the manufacturers of these toys. Indeed, what else is needed for a man who is embraced by desire, except for a seductive entrance and an elastic channel?

Lubricate it well

Apply a sufficient amount of lubricant (you can take any, even non-branded one: the main thing is that it is of satisfactory quality and isn’t cause allergies), so that the pussy sex process went as smoothly as possible.

Play with a partner

Thanks to a realistic form, the toys models are suitable for best-playing with seduction in front of your boyfriend (or a girlfriend).

Just do not forget, at the very end, to get the pussy toy from under the bed, wash it, and powder it with special powder: then it’ll allow you to safely and effectively play with it many more times.

What’s right about this The Best Pussy

  • The texture of the internal channel is very unusual. Honestly, we saw such a variety of structures and textures only in the toys of top giants of this sphere of entertainment.
  • The format of the sex work channel is served as “super hard,” although the material feels elastic enough to get inside.

  • Outside, the surface is obliquely ribbed, to make it easier to hold the pocket pleasure-giving-unit in your hand.
  • At the base, there is space for a bullet vibrator: in this way, one can diversify the principle of using a pocket toy and achieve twice as much pleasure.

What’s wrong with it

  • This is what a “pussy” masturbator should look like in the best image of an average person: cheap, “dirty,” and … not quite aesthetically pleasing, without a beautiful case.

  • The lack of the case makes this pocket model fragile also.
  • And pleasure is reduced because this thing is difficult to grab.
  • According to some pussy users, getting into the internal channel is not the best: tight, inconvenient, and a bit painful (probably, including for the reasons mentioned above).

  • The length of the internal channel isn’t truly enough for everyone.
  • No opportunities to change the type of inlet of the toys (this coarse similarity of the clitoris is not very impressive).
  • Presented only in body-beige.

“This is the very thing that made me stop worrying so much because of the size of my dick. I will not say that it brought me to absolute ecstasy, but I was delighted with the length of the channel. Hell, I thought, if this full-fledged toy fits me perfectly, then everything is not so bad with me. Those who are complex because of the small dimensions, feel free to recommend. The pocket unit entrance is tight, but from inside, it is awesome.”

5. Belladonna’s Pocket Stroker

One of the simplest, in essence, and content, toys (we are talking both about the purpose and the design).

The price is also relevant: the best manufacturers do not require too much. If you don’t need anything other than the vagina (not an abstract hole), then this is, definitely, your choice.

Take this pussy with you on any trip!

The main advantage of any pocket masturbator, devoid of a strong case, is its mobility. If you stick it in an opaque package, no one would guess that there is not a sandwich, thriftily taken by you for the journey.

And this pussy stray also looks like … a real woman, ok, at least her best lower part, is with you. Actually, this is almost the case: thanks to molding and other modern toys techniques that simulate naturalistic elastic materials.

  • The entry is copied from the corresponding organ of the star of adult-yeah-you-understand-us-films. Pussy petals are painted differently than the main part and very realistic.
  • The length and width of the channel (6 and 2.5 inches) are quite suitable for the owner of the good old average dick to do meaningful work with them.
  • The material is very sex realistic, not only in appearance but also to the touch.
  • As part of it, there is an antibacterial additive that promotes hygiene care.
  • We don’t know who Belladonna is. It’s true. Although, we don’t mind to try a pocket model made based on her ‘body impression’ 🙂
  • The inlet, although beautifully designed, can almost literally alienate someone from it and draw attention to other, more aesthetic models (however, there are the best people who fall for just such a rough simplicity).
  • The whole shape of the pussy product caused not-very-pleasant associations (although again, you cannot get hung up on this if the essence is important).
  • It’s genuinely not very easy to hold this pocket thing in your hand.
  • It is overly plastic, so the work with it brings some discomfort.
  • No cover, and no sensible, practical packaging (even the pussy outer box could be decorated more elegantly).



“Outwardly, of course, it looks as if only truckers can dream of such a thing. However, I still decided to buy it, not least because of the design of the entrance. The girls I knew didn’t have lowerlips like these. Yes, I understand that all this sounds ambiguous, but I say it, as it is. I wasn’t disappointed.”

Several POCKET questions

Why did you choose these models as the best ones?

We have already said that our task is to show our readers how wide and deep the world of pussy masturbators is. The quality of these pocket samples we are quite satisfied.

And how to decide which one is worth buying?

We believe that the main rule, as with women: if you are attracted to her/it, then try. If you can’t imagine how you can sleep with THIS, then wait and try someone/something else.

Is a narrow pussy entrance always better than a wide one?

Naturally, not always. It is believed that the average man is more pleasant to use a male pocket toy that “does not give him immediately” and resists already with the introduction and sometime later so that the channel provides the maximum possible compression.

But there are those who don’t want to deal exclusively with “pocket virgins”; for such users, “hollow” is much more desirable in which the cock moves freely and without too much tension.

Such toys, of course, are also present in the market, and they’d be purchased at least to expand the pocket intimate horizons.

Is it necessary to buy talc, powder, or whatever it’s called?

Powder for the care of pocket penis toys can be both branded and the most common, from the best children’s stores (yes, these from the movie about bebe’s butts).

It is necessary for more comfortable (for a delicate material) drying without deforming the product as well as the loss of pussy surface qualities.

Nobody forbids, however, to do your sex business without it, but in this case, likely, your pocket assistant won’t serve you as long as it could.

What if the pussy item had been broken?

Return it to the manufacturer if the warranty has not expired and you still have receipts, packing, and all that, as it should be. As a rule, we offer such pocket models with which, in this regard, users usually have no hassle.

But, of course, whether the guarantee is over or still valid, take care of the hygiene of your artificial pocket sweety, as women take care of the health of their vaginas.

No, it’s not necessary to wash it with intimate feminine means every day, but reasonable use of cleaning products and moderate drying are required.

What if I’m uncomfortable with this particular pocket toy? It rubs and presses me: it is impossible to relax

Most likely, it is worth adding more pussy lubricants. If this doesn’t lead to anything, try merely changing the sex lub. Just make sure that the new version fits into the type of your art pussy.

For example, only neutral humidifiers (water-based) can be used with one; and with the second, only those based on silicone; and with the third, absolutely any.

Finally, if the discomfort did not go away after that, change the masturbator itself, buy one pocket thing that has a more extended channel and requires less effort when entering.

At the very least, a “sex-self-digest” session may be required. Ask yourself why it is hard for you to stick a dick in this particular pocket hole.

Maybe it just doesn’t attract you externally, and you would like to try out the one that has the shape of an anus or is fashioned from a cast of a vagina of a favorite erotic star?

Should I focus on the sex pocket model with the function of vibration – or will they prevent you from getting a decent orgasm?

On the contrary! Many men sincerely note that the trembling and cooing pussy devices make their orgasms quicker and brighter (it’s important to know, though: [2]).

However, such pocket units are often more substantial and more expensive than traditional sex models designed exclusively for independent work.

Therefore, evaluate for yourself what is preferable for you during the selection.

How to hide them?

The question of what to do if you have no place to store such intimate pocket things usually comes from those who live in student dormitories; or those men who, for various reasons, are forced to share a room with someone, say, with a brother; or the poor fellows, who have an excessively responsible mother (or grandmother), who, coming on a visit, tends to literally search the house of her son/grandson and find something that she is not supposed to see at all.

How to hide the acquired pussy by overworking from big-eyed detectives? Here we can give one piece of advice: buy pocket sex accessories that are originally supplied in opaque and/or camouflage packages.

It is unlikely that someone will be interested in, say, a “flashlight”, standing on a shelf in its native cardboard box; or a “car tool”, lying in the garage, wrapped in a matte rag bag, among wrenches and screwdrivers; or even a beer can, “forgotten” on the bedside table and different from typical cans except in height and width (but this nuance still needs to be discerned).

But hiding, under the pillow, the sex delivering pussy, which looks 200% exactly as the male charging unit should look like and even devoid of any wrapper, isn’t worth it.


1. Subjective orgasm experience in the context of solitary masturbation

2. Would You Say You “Had Masturbated” If … ?: The Influence of Situational and Individual Factors on Labeling a Behavior as Masturbation

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